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Why is Valorant Superior to Counter-Strike as an E-Sports Title?

Valorant is a fascinating five-on-five first-person tactical shooter game enjoying its global success. But, what lies underneath the surface that makes Valorant superior to Counter-Strike?

Valorant game is the new collaborative, 5v5 first-person shooter, or FPS, a game from Riot Games, and the company who created us, League of Legends, classified among the most famous E-sports games in history. Valorant has smashed new ground in the FPS world and today, with the help of the Coastline E-Sports club’s very own Valorant veterans Ian Steenburgen and Guirguis. With so many competitive video games competing for your attention, one might ask how Valorant is Superior to Counter-Strike? So below are the 5 major reasons for it:

Valorant Superior to Counter-Strike

Different Spray Patterns and Alternate Fire

Though both the games are pretty the same when it comes to shooting while moving and continuously firing, the spray patterns that the guns in the two games provide are very dissimilar. In the beginning, it may look like a very usual spray pattern, but the one in Valorant diverts after the sixth or seventh shot. It becomes much more irregular, making a constant spray more difficult to control than that in CS. Gun reboot time is a little bit higher as well than it is in CS, so you can’t just immediately launch firing after taking your finger off the left mouse click.

Each Map has Special Features

Every Valorant map has something uncommon and special on it. Although in essence, they might architecturally look very similar to CS maps, the unique features add another special gameplay element to the rounds. Such as, the map bind in Valorant has something called in one direction teleporters, which help both teams rotate around the map quicker.

The map upgrade, on the other hand. Has knock-down doors, which a player can stimulate and therefore block off a spare point of entry for teams who’re trying to dig into a site. So based on how these unique map components work, teams will have to plan strategies around it and not play the regular game of ‘Search and Destroy.’

Guns and Shields

Weapons accessible for purchase in Valorant disclose a close similarity to weapons found in Counter-Strike. There are six various types of weapons: sidearm, SMGs, rifles, shotguns, snipers, and heavy. When seeing at the weapons in the handgun category, such as the “Frenzy” is almost identical to the CZ-75, while the “Sheriff” is a one-shot-headshot Desert Eagle in Counter-Strike. The “Operator” sniper appears to be a younger brother of the AWP.

Valorant Superior to Counter-Strike

Whereas equal, the choice of guns is much tiny than in CSGO. But again, most of the weapons in CS aren’t ideal pick at all on the rival scene because of a barely changing Meta of particular guns. It will be exciting to see if there will be a clear-cut gun Meta in Valorant.

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Abilities and Characters

Valorant sports an array of various characters or agents that players choose after entering the match queue. These characters have unique capabilities that change over time. They are similar to the service program in Counter-Strike. Some of their abilities act as stun grenades, smoke grenades, and Molotov, whereas others don’t have anything to do with CS. Casting poison clouds, healing, and teleporting are exhibits of such abilities.

While that sounds like a major difference between the two E-Sports titles, the utility of most of these powers is for usefulness, instead of overcoming abilities. Some utmost abilities could also turn the drift of battle, but they cannot be present every round because they need to charge up. However, characters and abilities in Valorant are a quality that differs greatly from CSGO.


There are truly remarkable similarities in gameplay between Counter-Strike and Valorant. Players enter the Valorant matches in a 5v5 pattern, with attackers implanting the bomb, called a spike, on two or three secure sites on the map or removing the defenders. There is a buying stage for every side to purchasing capabilities and guns for the upcoming round. Saves are something that will perhaps be more popular in Valorant, compare to CSGO.

The shooting engineering is the same as that of CSGO. Each gun has a spray form that you can master with sufficient practice. A player’s precision reduces when firing while moving, forcing players to watch, stop, and then fire their shot to be fully precise. Moreover, players run more quickly with their knives out or guns of lower weight in Valorant. 

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Final words

The two games are very same overall. But, Valorant will run on 128-tick servers, something that Valve failed to deliver for their CSGO fans, which will provide the lighter possible for a rival shooter. Valorant is moreover promising a wonderful anti-cheat technique. Valve’s anti-cheat system in CSGO still fights to quickly deal with cheaters.

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