Valorant Map Fracture: Everything You Need to Know!

The eagerly awaited new Valorant Map named Fracture is live with the introduction of the new Episode 3 Act 2 patch 3.05, and players can’t get enough of it. The publicity received by the map is enormous, with several leaks related to the map surfacing after the release of its first short teaser from the valorant official developer handle on Twitter and YouTube channel.

Since it is a new valorant map, it won’t be readily featured in the VCT Masters Berlin Tournament. Still, after that, it might get picked by the international pro valorant teams and global valorant live-streamers.

Additionally, the new map can also serve to assist you in completing your Battlepass chapters for unlocking new items, so it’s worth discovering the Valorant Fracture map beyond its surface!

Valorant New Map Fracture Loading Screen

Exploring Valorant Map: Fracture

The new map is heavily known to carry forward the Valorant lore. Its landscapes are also designed to include Player interaction elements, all of which will be updated in the upcoming patches. Thus, making ‘Fracture’ the first map to feature per-patch updates.

Fracture Valorant Lore

Valorant New Map Fracture Duality

The coordinates mentioned for the Fracture map (35°48’BI” N 106°08’YQ” W) belong to a top-secret experiment site in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Its existence furthers the progression of the Valorant lore by showcasing a ‘Fracture’ into the ‘Kingdom’ that split it into Omega and Alpha versions.

According to the ‘Fracture’ teaser, the incident is caused by two radianite bullets colliding against each other in the generator located at the map’s center. The bullets are rumored to have been fired by ‘DeadShot‘ and its variant, presumably the new agent, which can be heard narrating the incident in a french accent.

“Incredible, that something so small can create such… Opportunity”

“Their efforts were noble, sacrifices must be made.”

While the actual identity of the new Valorant agent is yet to be confirmed, speculation is strong with its origin based in France. The agent clues available on the map plus the player interactive elements available at different locations further confirm the involvement of a new valorant agent in the events leading to ‘Fracture.’


Valorant Fracture Landscape

The new Valorant Map features a duality in its landscape: lush green on one side and barren or arid on the other.

While these two sides serve to indicate the existence of variations in the Kingdom and the existence of Variants, they certainly add up to providing the map with challenging vertical and horizontal elevations at different locations, which will be challenging to defend or invade but entertaining all the same to behold.

The ‘Fracture’ map features numerous new elements compared to what is available on the previously released six valorant maps. The new map even contains an underground path/tunnel, a first for a Valorant map!

Unique Features:

  • Two Attacker Spawn Locations
  • Defenders Spawn at the Center
  • Tunnel
  • Satellite Dish
  • Gate
  • Ziplines
  • Three Orbs
  • Sniper Kit
  • Keycards

Player Interaction Elements:

  • The two out of three orb locations present on ‘Fracture’ lets valorant players use interactive elements to read emails associated with the valorant lore.
  • One of the three orb locations holds a key card to the name of Paul Delmann. He was seen to have received the ‘Best Employee of the Year’ award, which is visible in the kitchen area located on the Icebox map.
  • Players can access the Zipline, which connects both the attacker spawn locations. Players who access it at once can only go forward and cannot hop or switch to the alternate zipline.
  • Players can discover the new gates found at the A Door site, which opens only when a player is close. (Placing turrets or objects between the doors to cease it from closing are futile)

Spike Sites

The spike sites on Fracture are deemed one of the most competitive sites across all the valorant maps and even within the league of the most famous tactical FPS shooters. Several reasons make these sites challenging to both defend and invade for defenders and attackers, respectively.

So, let’s get their quick overview.

A Site – Omega Sector

Valorant Fracture A Site Omega Sector

The A Site on Fracture has four entry points, i.e., the A Main, A Rope, A Link, and A Drop. While the A Rope and A Link entry points are branched from the mid-area or the Defender Side Spawn, the A Main and A Drop entry locations sit opposite each other that connect to the Attacker Side Spawn and Attacker Side Bridge, respectively.

Defending such entry points simultaneously can be tough, especially when the attackers decide to flank the site from both sides or when they choose to avoid invading the A Site altogether. Moreover, gaining control of the A Hall & A Rope will be crucial for both teams as it can allow for easy entry and exit from the A Site.

B Site- Alpha Sector

Valorant Fracture B Site Alpha Sector

Valorant Players who were bored of the previous maps can now visit underground tunnel sections in the ‘Fracture’ map near the B Site. This site also has four entry points, and it can be the toughest one to defend or the easiest one to invade.

The two prime entry points, the B Main and B Tower connect with the B Generator’s open area, which holds the other two entry points, namely the B Link and the B Canteen areas. Now, parallel to the B Generator area is the B Arcade area. It is connected to the B Tree area linking B Main with Attacker Side Spawn via the B Tunnel, whose roof is the ground for the B Canteen area.

Thus, obtaining control over the B Arcade and B Main area can better help to defend the B Site instead of being on the B site and looking over all three directions.

Valorant New Map Fracture – How to Win?

Valorant Fracture Minimap

The foremost thing you can do to win a Vaorant Fracture Match as a defender is to take control of the A Hall and the B Arcade area. Doing so can allow you to gain control of at least two entry points to the respective spike sites, plus it will enable you to control the Zipline access of the Attackers.

As Attackers, gaining control of the Defender Side Spawn will be crucial because last-minute rotation will be long and time-consuming from the A Site to the B Site and vice versa. At the same time, for planting on B Site, it will be useful to gain control of the B Generator area when not approaching the A Site for a spike plant from the A Rope area.

It’s good to learn that the first thought of Defenders will be to cease the zipline access of the Attackers while the Defenders will believe that Attackers will seek to gain control of the Spike Sites using the B Tunnel and the A Drop areas.

So, strategizing accordingly regarding how the enemy team behaves and improvising will help bag dubs on the Valorant Fracture Map.

Valorant New Map Fracture Recommended Agents

The list of Meta Valorant Agents for Fracture or the Fracture Meta is yet to become official as it offers many avenues of compelling combat situations where most Valorant Agent Abilities cannot work as expected.

However, based on the dimensions of specific areas on the map, the contribution of the following valorant agents to the team will be vital to winning the Fracture Map.

Tier S

  • Jett
  • Cypher/Killjoy
  • Yoru
  • Skye
  • Omen

Tier A

  • Reyna
  • Sova
  • Jett
  • Sage
  • Brimstone

Note: These agent recommendations are based on the author’s personal views and experience and should not be considered an official recommendation provided by either the valorant developers or famous eSports personalities related or unrelated to Valorant.

Valorant Fracture Easter Eggs!

It is the first map with multiple interactive elements set to receive updates as the game progresses to newer Episodes, Acts, and New Patch. For this reason, you can find plenty of easter eggs around the map apart from the pre-mentioned interactive elements like a key card, emails, and the sniper kit.

Valorant New Map Fracture Easter Egg

Additionally, the developers also mentioned the existence of 10 Tac Bears that players can spot at different locations on the map, along with a literal fracture near the B Generator Area and the destroyed generator under the Ziplines.

It is worth checking out the Fracture Valorant map in ghost mode. It further allows you to learn more about every nook and crevice of the map, which can help you use your valorant agent abilities to the fullest benefit.

Final Words

The new valorant map called Fracture will only be available for a limited time (September 8th until September 21st) within the exclusive queue-only mode. Afterward, It will join the other six valorant maps in the unrated and competitive game modes. So, aim your turret, customize your crosshairs and prepare your Boombox because the newest map takes the Valorant game to another level of difficulty and fun. Happy Gaming!

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