Valorant Gameplay Tips

Tips for the better valorant gameplay

Valorant has been around for a while and even before the release, the game earned a name for itself by boasting a fresh gameplay experience in a 5v5 FPS game. After its release on 2nd June 2020, the game has still been gaining popularity among players as well as in the esports championship tournaments.

For those of you who are eyeing to participate in those tournaments or would generally like to become a better gamer within Valorant, this guide will help you avoid common pitfalls as well as imbibe you with some worthy tips to improve your valorant gameplay.

To make the objective clear before proceeding into the tips, there are two sides with 5 players each namely attackers and defenders who’ll be rushing and defending those sites where the spike can be placed for detonation. Whoever first eliminates all the enemies or detonates the spike wins the round and to win the match; a team must win 13 rounds collectively before the other team.

tips for better gameplay in valorant

Tips to Improve Valorant Gameplay and Win Easily

With that out of the way, let’s look at some of the ways you can enhance your gameplay in valorant:

Weapons & Economy Management

The players are initially given 800 creds in the first round when they start in the match. In the buy phase, they can use it to buy abilities, weapons, and armor with the aim of scoring kills and gaining the upper hand on the opponent’s team right away. Killing an opponent will add 200 creds whereas planting the spike and kill multipliers will only add more to the creds by the end of each round and into the next one.

While the winning team is rewarded with 3,000 creds and the losing team gains 1,900 creds besides their respective kills and spike detonation/defusing, it is crucial to remember that in case you die, you lose the gun and the armor. This means you’ll have to make the purchase again towards a gun and armor in the next round if you want to be at an even advantage with the previously winning side

After several losses, it’s not advisable to keep buying costly guns if you only end up losing them repeatedly. Thus, be fiscally smart and know where you can save. You can also pick the opponent’s gun after killing them to carry it with you in the next round if only you make it out alive.

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Agent Abilities Management

Each agent has four abilities that make them a force to be reckoned with when either rushing or holding a site from invasion. Using these abilities shouldn’t be merely instinctive but also calculative as there are few agents like the brimstone, sage, sova who can use their abilities to the team’s advantage whereas agents like phoenix, raze, omen and Jett have the abilities that benefit them.

Tips for Better Gameplay in Valorant

Since some abilities of these agents require credits for purchase or are powered up through killing enemies or capturing orbs, knowing when is the correct time to use them and using them at the appropriate moment(fleeting, really) can turn the tide over the enemy team. Few agents also have abilities that recharge within 30 seconds or more so using them timely wisely will help you win those rounds.

Know thy Footing

This is an important aspect that you must make yourself aware of i.e. the various placements and the names of the sites in all the maps to communicate with the team well. To truly become a skilled player within the game, you must know the angles that can benefit you to take out the enemy easily without incurring great damage to yourself. You should also keep a mental note of which objects can be penetrated such as walls, scaffolding, wooden boxes, and so on to take out the opponent stealthily. 

Another word to the wise would be to aim at head level when peeking a corner or even rushing a site, it’ll save you the reaction time.

There’s also the matter of hiding your footsteps by using the assigned key to slow walk within the map to sneak up on opponents. Remember that reloading a gun or a sniper loading a bullet will make a sound thus also try curbing the habit of reloading your magazine until extremely and gravely necessary. However, once the spike is planted and if you have multiple agents alive in your team then rushing in slow will only decrease your chances of defusing the spike in time.

Learn from the best

Watching skilled players play their game will not only entertain you but also teach you several things. You can learn how you can avoid the mistakes you make by watching their gameplay and also learn about the various strategies they use at different moments in the game. While most players value rotation, it’s logical to understand that the same cannot be applied on each map each time.

Try not to be predictable in your approach towards taking out the enemies and understand and learn from the best by seeing them deal with tough situations in the game. You could learn about new angles, positions, and tricks too if you attentively watch pro-gamers and game streamers who play valorant.

Grind in the Range

Even the most successful players go back to the shooting range from time to time to gauge their skills. You can hit target practice or practice spraying patterns and improvise between both by learning a new way to handle the spray pattern to your benefit. Remember, never be shy to practice your skills here as the pro-gamers too do the same even if some of them don’t openly stream it.

Also, remember shooting while running has a wider recoil and chances for the inaccuracy of shots than those taken while standing still or when crouching.

Tips for Better Gameplay in Valorant

Adjust your Graphics

Giving your system hell in the name of HD or quality gaming isn’t good for you in the long run plus in competitive titles like Valorant where the agents have supreme abilities, having the highest fps you can achieve on a stable system will play to your advantage always. Ascertain a smoother visual experience while gaming by following these graphical setup tips:

Turn Off Anti-Aliasing

Turning off this setting will provide you a boost of 20-30 fps(frames per second) at the cost of visuals appearing slightly jagged but not a total mess that distracts you from playing.

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Lower Material Quality

Lowering this will increase your fps by another 10-20 frames but at the cost of surface appearing flat-ish but given the style of this game, again it won’t be a distraction.

Turn Off Improve Clarity

This setting, when turned off, will provide you another 25-30 fps difference at the cost of nearly nothing since the jagged edges won’t seem too attention-seeking even when it is turned on.

Lower the Resolution

When everything else does little or when you demand an even significant fps boost while running the game on your system, decreasing your resolution from 4k to 2k or from 2k to 1080p and from 1080p to 720p will easily grant you more than 120 fps even in old machines.

Make use of these Tips for Better Gameplay in Valorant from time to time and keep practicing your aim as well as learning both the map and from your opponents too if you want to become better at playing a particular valorant agent or if you want to participate in the tournaments. GLHF!

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