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How to Play Valorant Deathmatch

The earliest release of Valorant was without a Deathmatch mode, which was only introduced in Episode 1 Act 2. The importance of this game mode is paramount if you want to learn gunplay while engaging with enemies. At the same time, many new valorant users aren’t familiar with how to Play Valorant Deathmatch?

So, our quick guide takes you through the steps with a few useful tips on how to Play Deathmatch Valorant games.

Play Valorant Deathmatch: Introduction & Rules

A Deathmatch is a free-for-all (FFA) game mode available in Valorant where users combat against each other until victory. Whoever bags 40 kills wins the Valorant Deathmatch game, but that’s not all.

While you play as one of the valorant agents, there are a few things you can do and cannot do. Those things may be allowed in other valorant game modes but consider Valorant Deathmatch FFA to focus purely on gunplay.

Hence, some basic rules are applicable in a Valorant Deathmatch FFA game, and they’re listed below.

Valorant Deathmatch Rules

When you Play Deathmatch Valorant game mode, the following rules apply:

  • A total of 14 players participate in one Valorant Deathmatch.
  • The entirety of a Deathmatch takes 9 minutes to complete.
  • A Deathmatch chooses a map at random.
  • Whoever scores the highest kills or is first to score 40 kills wins the match.
  • Players cannot utilize valorant agent abilities nor plant spikes.
  • The overall XP received from one Deathmatch is 900XP.
  • Buying guns is allowed, which are accompanied by Heavy Armour.
  • Player Spawn Randomly on the Map after getting killed.

Steps to Play Valorant Deathmatch

The ideal thing about playing a valorant deathmatch is relying solely on your aim. There is no need for agent selection, use of abilities, and organizing spike plants. The deathmatch is purely for aim & shoot, so let’s get you started with Play Valorant Deathmatch.

Step 1

  • The first step is to launch VALORANT.EXE from your desktop and click on PLAY.

Unless you encounter an error with the valorant game client, wait for the update to complete and click PLAY.

Step 2

  • From your Valorant Home screen, click on PLAY at the top center area of your screen.
  • Among the available game modes, select Deathmatch to Play Deathmatch Valorant game.

Step 3

  • Press the Start button available at bottom center of your screen to join the Deathmatch queue.
  • Upon completing the Queue, enter the match and be prepared to buy a weapon of your choice.
  • After the end of the warmup round, remember to purchase the gun of your choice. After that, happy hunting!

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Benefits to Play Deathmatch Valorant Matches

Playing Valorant Deathmatch can be instantly rewarding as it can allow you to enjoy several benefits.

  • Explore new maps in a combat environment built on core tactical FPS gameplay experience.
  • Practice aiming and shooting abilities with real-time rewards obtained as in-game points.
  • It helps with practicing your weapon recoil and new valorant crosshair settings.
  • Try spraying, one-tap shooting, etc., without the result affecting your competitive rank.
  • You learn to be quick on your feet with the fast-paced gameplay of Valorant Deathmatch.
  • Improve your skill in close-range combat and long-range duels.
  • Increase your weapon skill by learning how to handle different guns in a fast environment.
  • Use the Deathmatch mode as a warmup before entering Unrated or Competitive Valorant matches.
  • Deathmatch mode does not account for completing the progress of Daily or Weekly Missions.

Play Valorant Deathmatch: Victory Tips

There are numerous reasons to play a Valorant Deathmatch, but essentially, the outcomes will make you a better Valorant player.

But, being a better player requires winning games, too, besides learning from your mistakes and your opponents.

So here’s what you need to do to maximize your chances of winning a Play Deathmatch Valorant bet or wager:

  • Hearing your surroundings can help you notice the approaching footsteps of a player around the corner.
  • Learn to keep your crosshair at the opponent’s head or at that level. Headshots are a quicker way to score a kill.
  • Prevent collecting the PLUS or + (First Aid Kits) that appear after an opponent dies until absolutely necessary. It’s a classic bait item.
  • The First Aid Kits also perform auto-reload apart from restoring your health to the fullest. Pick them as per convenience.
  • Maintain a habit of securing your back in Deathmatch mode by using walls, objects, etc.
  • Five Deathmatch games, win or lose, can earn you near equal XP as one Unrated Valorant game. It can be a quick way to earn maximum XP in an hour.

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Final Words

Most players Play Deathmatch Valorant because it’s rooted in an FPS gameplay system that relies on aiming & shooting. You can use this game mode to harness some gun combat skills, movement techniques, and so on. But most importantly, the FFA Deathmatch Valorant game mode completes the game by providing its core aspect – Untethered FPS gameplay.

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