Improve Your Valorant Rank: Learn Valorant Tier 1 Team Tactics

valorant tier 1 team

Competing at the highest level in Valorant will require more than skills, tactical planning, and aim precision. Valorant is unlike most FPS shooters, in which simply relying on your crosshair aim makes you better than most, but it’s still not enough to win you matches unless you Improve Your Valorant Rank.

Whether you want to rank up or if you’d like to prove your prowess in the game, you must consider and apply the few key things mentioned ahead. These elements are followed duly by most if not all of the Valorant Tier 1 teams that have repeatedly bagged top positions in the global Valorant Champions Tournament.

Let’s learn how you can improve your valorant gameplay to improve your valorant rank to the highest.

Basics To Master – Improve Your Valorant Rank

Dreaming about wins won’t get you anywhere until you learn and master the basics of the game. Possessing knowledge about things like agent abilities, map symmetry, etc., can favor you in moments when you need to clutch or when you’re gunning for an ace against formidable opponents. Brush up your knowledge and follow these tips below.

Practice Multiple Agents

Most players make the mistake of mastering only one agent regardless of the many games they play in both the unrated and ranked mode. Playing one agent better than the other available agents will put you at a disadvantage. When it comes to queuing, where another team player has insta-locked your main agent, you will pick a non-main agent and play poorly with it without practice.

Improve Your Valorant Rank

Furthermore, having better control over two or three agents in total can help you improvise your games. Since you’re better familiar with them and the things they can pull off, you can turn around the game situation during any period of any given round.

Importantly, try to play as agents belonging to different classes like Duelists, Sentinels, Controllers, and Initiators. It will help you gauge and recognize tactics when the opponent team uses those agents. Also, it will help you balance your team so that you can win. Go for agents that can ideally perform on all seven maps like Viper, Jett, Sage, Astra, Sova, etc.

Map Intelligence

The second important thing to master is map intelligence, which will help you learn about agent rotation possibilities and different angles to secure impact kills. Maps like Split and Bind are too congested in most areas, making all the battles either short-range or short-mid ranged.

Improve Your Valorant Rank

On the other hand, maps like breeze and icebox offer plenty of vertical angles to cover and horizontal ones that together make up for higher mid-long range combats. Understanding the geometry of all these maps might take time, but doing so will help make you a pro valorant player.

Additionally, learn map-callouts too, especially for Haven and Ascent. It helps with team communication and works to make the team more coordinated, which is crucial for optimally besting your opponents. Not knowing the callout names of the different locations of the maps will likely lose you nearly all the games. You can find them on the map by pressing the ‘M’ button.


Picking your battles carefully will help you gain the upper hand on the enemy valorant team. For instance, when you are confident that the enemy uses an Operator or a Marshal at long A or B sites, not engaging that player from that route with your weapon will be feasible. Instead, use abilities or go around and regroup with your team or double peek.

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Using your abilities will take you far in the game, but wasting them early on will also lose you the rounds. Balancing the use of your valorant agent abilities is essential if you want to get an ace verdict or help your team get a flawless verdict.

Communication will also play a significant role in obtaining those verdicts, so make sure to establish clear communication with your team. Moreover, try rushing or holding a site in pairs and different agent combinations. Doing so will ensure unpredictability and puzzle the enemy team.

Five Pro Tips To Win Valorant Games & Improve Your Valorant Rank

After mastering the valorant basics, there’s still plenty more that you can incorporate into your gameplay to further your chances of pushing your rank to the next levels.

The provided suggestions below are a combination of tips offered by pro valorant players like Shroud, TenZ, Hiko, Scream, etc., who hail as popular streamers or belong to Pro Valorant Tier 1 teams like Sentinels, Gambit eSports, 100 Thieves, etc.

Team Agent Line-Ups

So, when you’re queuing to pick an agent before the beginning of a map or after finding a match, avoid insta-locking main agents. Attempt to communicate with your team, which is often possible in the Valorant Competitive game mode. Picking agents based on the combined skills of your whole team will maximize your chances to perform well as a team.

Thus, an all-duelist team is a big no-no, same as all similar class agent teams. Instead, balance the team using valorant agents from different classes like Duelist, Sentinel, Initiator, or Controller.

Remember to also pick agents according to the map. Picking the Phoenix agent on the Breeze map will be hardly helpful to the whole team. Playing as Breach or Skye will instead deliver better results for yourself and the team.

After all, Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

Defense & Attack Agent Rotations

One of the common mistakes a team can make is pushing a heavily guarded site after obtaining confirmation regarding the same by the evidence of losing one or more agents during the attempt. Such scenarios call for team rotation to another plant site or simply rotating to another location to get a chance at securing more kills.

Improve Your Valorant Rank

Another common mistake is pushing the same site in the same way, using the same combination of valorant agents in every single round. Such a strategy will make you throw the game and will almost certainly never grant you wins in the long run. Instead, switch up agent combinations for pushing a particular site. You can also hold positions and wait for the enemy team to push with the newer combination, allowing you to invade a site more easily.

Lastly, work as a team in becoming unpredictable for the enemy team. Avoid blinding your team and certainly never bait your teammates unless it’s an agreed game strategy. Losing trades or tagging enemies will only increase pressure on the team. It will also make a specific player cover more angles and remain less alert in holding a particular angle.

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Recognize Weak Spots

Chasing perfection isn’t bad but being blind to your faults isn’t good either. In the asymmetric tactical shooter like Valorant, where rounds can turn in favor of the enemy team too quickly, mistakes can cost you the whole game.


Avoiding such scenarios is simple. Identify your weak spots and practice them or switch your tactic altogether. If you have aiming problems, then learn crosshair placement tips and implement them using different guns to recognize which works better for you in most scenarios.

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Loud movements in the map will sign you up for losses, and slower movements will lose you the prospective chances of scoring max kills. Thus, learn which occasions call for quick actions and which circumstances imminently require silent movement.

A few tips to improve your movement follow maintaining silence when approaching corners or plant sites. On the other hand, if your teammate calls to confirm a spike plant, rushing at the respective site on time with the knife in hand will offer you a better pace. It will also grant you time to assign yourself a better angle to retake the site.

Holding Site

There are countless strategies to improve your site holding skills, but almost each of them follows a few basic principles.

  1. Confirm and communicate the opponent’s presence/activity.
  2. Maintain cover or patience for opportune tagging moments when outnumbered.
  3. Double peek an angle with another agent or peek after the use of the flash ability.

Beyond these principles, here’s what you can additionally do with your Valorant Agents.

  • Always watch out for Agent Flanks.
  • Always have an Agent guarding the Mid-Area of the map.
  • Use Abilities in sync with the unfolding events. (Wall either spike site, place Cypher cam, etc.)
  • Be in the position that requires covering fewer angles but offers maximum site control.
  • Decide if your team will do mid-rotation or play retake/defense and play accordingly.

Staying Positive

Losing your calm during the trades or in a clutch situation will not get you the wins, which will surely negatively affect your Valorant Rank. It is important to remain alert and positive throughout the game rounds to better prepare for any change of events.

Losing multiple rounds in a row and becoming less motivated is only human. But, staying positive in combination with placing efforts to turn the game around will secure you the desired results. So, practice as you can, even in the unranked mode, and maintain a positive attitude through and through.

Also, suppose you’re losing several ranked valorant games in a row. In that case, it will be better to reset your mental state by playing other modes to stave off the hurt of losing matches.

Study Professional Valorant Players To Improve Your Valorant Rank

One more helpful thing that you can do to improve your gameplay for securing better ranks is to view and analyze the Professional Valorant Players. When you watch them play a certain scenario in a particular manner, you can learn to incorporate those plays into your game. You can also learn to perform fake peeks, map rotation strategies, and angle holding capabilities by seeing them play.

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In conclusion, ranking up in Valorant is quite possible if you approach the game with more than make-believe and wishful thinking. Put in the hours into learning the game, and you will surely breach the diamond rank.

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