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Aimlab Valorant Training Benefits

Aimlab is a handy trainer used by millions of gamers across the globe that helps improve their aiming accuracy. During the VCT Challengers event, Aimlab partnered with Valorant to create a simulated environment where players can practice their gunplay.

What is Aimlab?

Aimlab is a free-to-play trainer that pro eSports players globally download to improve their aim and accuracy. The trainer provides simulated scenarios to match game conditions for practicing aiming, with a detailed report analysis of each task. Similarly, the Aimlab Valorant helps to simulate tactical-FPS game environments to help the players refine their aiming abilities and gameplay.

Aimlab Valorant

Valorant Aim Training with Aimlab

Having a pinpoint aim in games like Valorant or any tactical FPS shooter could help the players rank higher. Beyond it, the Aimlab trainer offers multiple exercises that can help players improve their reflexes and aiming abilities.

For instance, Aimlab offers the following recommendations for Aim Training Valorant skills at Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master levels.

1. Flicking Task

The available tasks within Flicking inside the Aim Training Valorant trainer helps players improve their motor skills and wrist control. A player should download Aimlab Valorant to train their flicking abilities through Linetrace, Spidershot, Microshot, and Motion Tracking tasks.

Aimlab Valorant - Flicking Task

The Motion tracking task within the Flicking training offers to complete motor skills training, essential for improving mouse handling accuracy. A player could start following a routine of these tasks in the duration of 10 mins, 15 mins, and so on.

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2. Precision Task

The training practice within Precision tasks helps players improve their Valorant aim speed and efficiency. However, remember not to sacrifice accuracy for speed. Do practice aiming at the center to enhance your precision. The varying difficulties of precision tasks of Aimlab Valorant will help you learn to adjust to large distances when aiming.

While performing the tasks within this environment, taking breaks between rounds is vital. Not doing so may overstress you, and it’ll ultimately result in poor performance and may even deplete your aiming capabilities.

Aimlab Valorant - Precision Task

3. Tracking Task

One of the fundamentals of having a better aim involves tracking your opponents, especially in lurk situations. So, when your Valorant Aim can track opponents correctly, you can better nail those headshots to secure your valorant ace.

In situations where trigger discipline is paramount or when using Jett Bladestorm, the training offered by Tracking tasks accomplishes wonders.

4. Speed Task

Take your Aim Training Valorant to the next level by learning to shoot your shot quickly from a distance. No, Valorant run & gun is a different idea but see if you could make it work here. The primary use of the Speed tasks is to help the players shoot the exact center of the targets as quickly as they can.

Aimlab Valorant - Speed Task

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Final Words

The Aimlab Valorant is a fantastic tool offering numerous simulated environments for players to learn the game’s aiming aspect. To further improve your abilities, also remember to try these tasks,  namely Anglehold, Headshot Reflex, Hordeshot, Wall Peek, Sniper Shot, Motion Shot, etc. GLHF!

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