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Win Valorant Spike Rush Matches To Easily Farm Weekly XP!

Valorant players can try various other game modes when they don’t want to commit to the MMR-based Unrated & Competitive matches. The Valorant Spike Rush is one such game mode, followed by Snowball Fight, Deathmatch, Replication, and Escalation.

But why should you play Spike Rush more compared to other game modes? Let’s find out!

What is Spike Rush?

It is the third most-played Valorant Game Mode after Competitive and Unrated Valorant games, offering a B07 game format. Two teams of 5v5 are queued together by the MMR system to compete against each other on random Valorant maps. The winning objective is to become the first team to score victory in four rounds out of seven.

Both teams receive the same loadouts plus all their agent abilities at the start of each round. However, players will need to unlock their Ultimate Ability by farming kills or collecting power-up orbs.

Valorant Spike Rush

Players can collect up to 10 different types of orbs on the map per game round. But, the orbs spawn randomly on the map, and their location becomes visible on the minimap only after the game-round begins.

Three Reasons to Play Valorant Spike Rush!

Quick Gameplay

The Spike Rush match duration is between 10-15 minutes because the game-time and pre-round times are 80s and 20s, respectively. So, those of you who want to engage in Valorant games quickly can choose this game mode any day!

Complete Valorant Weekly Missions For XP!

Besides the Unrated and Competitive mode, it is the only Valorant Game Mode to offer high XP rewards post-match completion. Players can receive at least 1,000 XP, irrespective of whether they win or lose the match.

In addition to it, playing the Spike Rush mode counts towards completing the Daily & Weekly Mission Objectives. So, instead of playing an Unrated match for 5k XP, players can make +6k XP by playing the Spike Rush Mode.

Thus, Remember to use this knowledge when you’re behind on your Valorant Battlepass to unlock maximum items in the minimum time!

For The Fun

Playing Valorant and not fearing losing your rank can be immensely gratifying every time you play Spike Rush. It can also feel refreshing to play after tanking your Valorant Rank to the depths of the ocean on Breeze or Icebox.

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How To Win Valorant Spike Rush?

Winning is easy in the Spike Rush mode when you’re careful and anticipative about a few things.

Attackers Valorant Spike Plant Tips

As attackers, be prepared to face the wrath of all the abilities at once. Should it happen, it’s fantastic and perfect as long as you don’t get shot. See, by letting enemies deplete all their abilities at once, you put them at a disadvantage. Therefore, bait them to bag them!

Valorant Spike Rush

Moreover, do not let your allies engage in trades alone, assist their peek by double-peeking. And bonus points to you (metaphorically) if you don’t flash your own team when the bullets fly everywhere.

Defenders Valorant Spike Defuse Tips

The two things you must do when the round begins is-

  • Await for attackers to come & farm orbs & shoot with accuracy.
  • Patiently hold the spike site until the attackers approach it & go Brrr!

The victory is yours for three rounds when you’ve fulfilled these requirements correctly. For the fourth round, going bezerk might work, or you can be calculative to bag enemies in pairs of two.

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The Takeaway

There are hundreds of things that you can do to win the Valorant Spike Rush mode. But that’s not what the game mode is about. You can also make things along the way as you play because, above all, pace leads the game. Be Quick, GLHF!

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