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Valorant Night Market – Get Favorite Valorant Gun Skins For Discount!

The introduction of Valorant into the existing series of popular tactical FPS game titles has gathered enormously positive responses from gamers around the world, including for featuring a Valorant Night Market. Developed by Riot Games, Valorant is an agent-based asymmetrical tactical first-person shooter.

It competes with the likes of other famous veteran FPS game titles like Overwatch and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. So far, it has succeeded in gathering more than $1 billion in revenue, despite being a free-to-play game.

Such success can be attributed mainly to the valorant game developers who are passionate about the game. They work tirelessly to bring new and innovative features to valorant, even after it has completed its 1st anniversary in June 2021.

Moreover, it is also the solid global valorant player base comprising millions of gamers who collectively appreciate the release of various valorant features and purchase the different valorant gun skins, battlepass items, and other items from the valorant night market.

What is a Night Market?

The Valorant Night Market is a fantastic opportunity for valorant players to grab six premium and unique valorant weapon skins for discount prices. It was first introduced back in December 2020 for a finite period without prior announcements and its Riot’s way to reward its player base, which was recently recorded to hit the mark of over 16 million active valorant players per month across the globe.

The night market valorant sale does more than offer players weapon skins for a cheap cost. It also features some rare collectible items from previously released Battlepass or Gun Bundles. However, you must know that though it appears without notice (Night Circus fans, anyone?), it can only feature gun skins that have been released at least two acts from the last appearance of the Night market.

Therefore, these Valorant weapon skins and bundles have a significant fan following as what players get by purchasing them goes beyond aesthetics. The weapons and items featured in these valorant sales often come with unlockable VFX and animations and sound effects (via Radianite Points), making these guns and items a favorite for use in daily valorant matches.

Exclusive Night Market Store Valorant Skins

Below is a list of the most popular or most purchased Exclusive and Ultra Edition Valorant Weapons skins from previously featured Night Market Sale, along with potential Rare Valorant Weapons that may get featured:

Valorant Singularity Gun Skins

The appearance of the valorant singularity skin bundle has been rare in the valorant night market skins sales. Still, fortunately, for some users, these weapons have appeared who undoubtedly would have grabbed them, as these skins are one of the most revered valorant gun skins to date.

Valorant Ion Gun Skins

The Ion Gun Skin bundle is ranked the favorite among the global community of valorant players, including its finisher available for purchase after buying these weapon skins.

Valorant Reaver Gun Skins

The Reaver valorant night market skins are also among some of the fancy cosmetic purchases you can make that can boost the aesthetics of your weapon collection to the next level. Most collectors of Valorant skins invariably possess this gun bundle.

Valorant Enderflame Gun Skins

Other notable Valorant Skin Bundles include the Magepunk Series, Aristocrat Series, DOT EXE Series, Prime Series, Glitchpop Series, Nebula Series, Wasteland Series, etc.

How to Access Night Market Store in Valorant?

Accessing the night market valorant sale is easy. When it becomes available, you can see it featured on the left side of your valorant screen stating that it’s now available (for a month or less), or you can find its prompt button next to the store, which looks like the back of a fancy tarot card.

Using either of these options to access the night market will open it for you, following the concealed appearance of six cards that you can click to open to reveal your set of valorant night market skins.

Note: You must know that the night market skins differ from player to player, so it is definitely possible that you and your friends won’t get the same valorant gun skins appearing in your valorant night market.

Last Known Valorant Night Market Appearances

So far, the night market in Valorant has only appeared a total of 5 times (dates listed below). Still, it has quickly risen to be the talk of the town in Reddit forums where users compare and discuss their night market sales and other things about valorant.

Final Words

Valorant players who are excited for the next appearance of a night market valorant sale might not need to wait long. Because the release of Episode 3 Act 2 is on the horizon, which is guaranteed to bring a new map, new battlepass, and the valorant 3.05 patch update featuring particular valorant agent buffs and nerfs, among other features.

So, watch this space to learn more about the latest valorant updates, and until then, GLHF!

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