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Top Valorant Game Modes & Other Valorant Leaks

Valorant is proving to become one of the most rewarding games in history by offering its enthusiast player base timely bug fixes, game improvements, new features, agent content, Valorant Game Modes, and much more. The massive community of more than 14 million active players per month is an achievement for developers who passionately make serious efforts to improve the game and the player experience.

Giving back to the community and being openly receptive to the feedback has made Valorant by Riot Inc. a much favored and better successful FPS title of all time compared to other franchises. An excellent example of this is the global availability of the different valorant game modes for all the players.

Let’s check out the various ways you can enjoy Valorant!

Top Valorant Game Modes

From opening the game to being involved in the combat until the very end, the valorant game is refined dedicatedly to offer the best performance. It reflects that the game’s developers are passionate about providing their players the best possible gaming experience. It is all the more evident by the existence of these unique game modes:


Pick your agent as a team of five and prepare to battle your enemies in this classic mode, where you’re matched with players with similar gaming abilities as you. Play as attackers or defenders on any of the six available maps. The objective is to kill all the players or plant/diffuse the spike if needed.

You will only have one life per round. However, you’re still allowed to spectate teammates until the time you’re back for the next round unless Sage uses her resurrection ability to bring you back sooner. Naturally, you will have access to the shop in the buy mode before the match begins, where you can purchase guns, abilities, armor with your game credits.


It allows you to play the game similar to the unrated mode but with the addition of competing with similarly ranked players to succeed and improve your rank. Naturally, you will be able to access the shop before the beginning of the round to make desirable purchases related to abilities, weapons, and so on.

The duration of a valorant competitive round is between 30-40 minutes, with both teams aiming to win 13 rounds before the other team, another similarity with the valorant unrated game mode. However, when both teams are tied with 12-12 winds, the game will go into overtime until a team achieves a two rounds win lead.

Valorant Game Modes

It is also possible to vote for a draw after two rounds of overtime. Still, it’s pretty unlikely that your opponent will give an inch.

Death Match

It is another free-to-play valorant game modes launched a few months after the game’s initial release. In this mode, the objective is to kill as many enemies as possible in a finite period. The dead/killed enemies will spawn an HP boost that you can use to maximize your health. You will get unlimited lives, the only exception being that you respawn after a delay.

The mode also allows you to buy whichever guns you may prefer throughout the round without a cap on your game credits. Most players find this valorant game round better for practicing their aiming skills instead of joining the separately available Shooting Test mode (Practice Mode).

Spike Rush

It is one of the special Valorant game modes where players spawn with a random weapon each round and is a 5v5 Best of 7 Rounds. The maps will also spawn orbs at random with special abilities that can offer you buffs or nerfs the opponent team after you collect them.

A Valorant Spike Rush mode offers anywhere between 15-20 minutes of game time. It is comparatively similar to a smaller version of the untreated valorant game mode but with random guns and special orbs.

Snowball Fight

Introduced in mid-December of 2020, the developers wanted to provide a specific game round that a player can complete within a shorter time. It was made especially for players when they don’t have 30-40 minutes to spare for the game but would still like to enjoy challenging and fun gameplay.

In this valorant game mode, teams of 5 compete against each other with a snowball launcher and aim to hit the snowballs at the enemies to score a kill. Anywhere the snowball touches the opponent, it’s a kill-point, and it gets quite fun to play it until the round ends when either team has 50 kills in total.

Valorant Game Modes

Open presents to acquire special snowball abilities and ice skate through the combat to tag enemies. Either way, you’d be wanting to play this round more often, for sure!

Custom Valorant Game Modes

The custom mode can be your go-to mode for learning the map or practicing different abilities for yourself since there are 16 distinctive agents to choose from and play. Essentially made for organizing custom game rounds for several players (maximum of 10) to compete against each other, this game mode also offers exciting upgrades.

For instance, players can access the cheat mode to enable a unique rollback mode that allows players to return to a specific point in the previous game to replay it. It was released in the Valorant 3.0 patch introduced with Episode 3 Act 1.

Cheat mode will offer you the option to get instant respawns, unlimited credits, etc. You can access the cheats after turning them on from the settings menu in the game.

Other Anticipated Valorant Game Modes

The game previously had an escalation mode, which let both teams’ players spawn with similar guns at random to play 5v5 rounds and become victorious by reaching level 12. The game mode was incredibly entertaining because it offered special abilities at random to all ten players, making the whole game competitively fun and exciting.

Another expected game mode in the list of awaited valorant game modes is the Clash-Style Tournament. It will allow up to seven teams to compete against each other in a tournament-style at the end of each Act and offer fantastic prizes to the winners. While there’s no official release date, the mode was teased in the Valorant Episode 3 reveal video.

Valorant Game Modes Updates & Bugs

Account Points

The Valorant update 3.0 patch brought another feature termed AP(Account Points), which rewards players for playing any of the valorant game modes mentioned above. As players, you will obtain a numerical level displayed on your respective player cards, and it will only increase as you play more games. 

Account leveling is a long-term system focusing on rewarding the players for their time invested in playing the different game modes. For instance, players starting to play the game will obtain a specific border for their player card, which will change every 20 levels that you surpass.

It will become a visual reward, as a sign of progress for playing the game, even if you only play deathmatch and so on.


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Recent Valorant Bugs

Bug: Jett Tailwind-Cypher Trapwire

The new valorant update 3.0 patch offers plenty of changes in terms of game economies and some changes to the use of the abilities of agents such as Omen, Phoenix, Viper, Breach, Astra, Sova, etc. Among these changes is the matter of the Cypher’s Trapwire that was previously possible for Jett to break with her Tailwind ability, which was patched to no longer offer the same effect.

However, it seems that some players are still able to breach the Trapwire with Jett’s Tailwind ability. The Reddit user clipped the proof of it while playing Cypher on the Bind map’s A site.

Tweak: Ascent Plant Site A

Valorant developers customized the generator located on the valorant spike plant Site A on the Ascent map to become completely impenetrable along with another minor change in its structure.

Previously the generator, at a certain angle, allowed players to peek on the other side of it via a small gap. This gap, however near infinitesimal, proved to leak the position of the defender behind it.

Since it was unfair to the defending team, the developers quietly tweaked it in the valorant patch 3.0 to make the generator completely flush or gapless. Now, no player can take advantage of it anymore.

Bug: NVIDIA Game Filters

It may seem the Valorant game isn’t without bugs. Still, it is impressive how quickly they’re eliminated, plus how less they occur than other games where these bugs stay unchanged for months.

The Flash Bug was born before the change that valorant developers brought to the game with patch 3.0 via disabling the driver’s game filters. It now only lets the NVIDIA users customize the appearance of their game by using the NVIDIA Freestyle software that launched a while ago.

Reportedly, NVIDIA players could previously use the NVIDIA GeForce experience tools to minimize or completely nullify the effect of flashes. It was possible by adjusting the real-time post-processing filters and modifying the game’s color and contrast settings.

Though a hot-fix for the game is yet to be released, disabling the ability to use NVIDIA filters has temporarily fixed the bug.

Other Valorant Leaks

The developers enjoy offering teasers of the game’s features via its social media content or the in-game player cards and other means. The valorant players’ community has grown receptive to these actions and has discovered another feature regarding the most popular TTK FPS, i.e., Valorant.

Champions Tour Grand Finals

As per rumors based on the newest teaser of Valorant, it is possible for the first-ever Valorant Championship -The Valorant Champions- to take place in December in the city of Los Angeles.

Global teams across the different regions of the world have been competing in the Valorant Masters and Valorant Challengers Series to qualify for the Valorant Champions Tournament throughout the year.

The new trailer for the Valorant was reportedly known to contain a frame wherein the Redditor u/shast1k recognized a type of an easter egg – the poster for Valorant Champions at Los Angeles. Its credibility was seconded by an Insider, Fione of Fire, suggesting that the location just might be the choice for the Valorant Champions Event.

But, despite these claims, no official word has been released from the development team of Valorant. Suppose going by the previously held Event of Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavik, Iceland, and the upcoming Event Stage 3 Masters set to occur in Berlin, Germany. In that case, the Valorant Champions event may probably happen in Los Angeles.

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