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Valorant Fracture Map Meta Agents FTW!

Playing different maps in Valorant really adds to the fun, except when you’re assigned ‘Fracture’ in a Spike Rush. Still, the latest Valorant Fracture Map offers plenty of exciting gameplay opportunities in Unrated or Competitive Game Modes.

Naturally, the Valorant Meta for Fracture differs vastly from Split or Haven because of narrow areas, long paths, etc. So, let’s oversee the current Valorant Meta Agents on the Fracture map so that you can make the right pick!

Valorant Fracture Map Meta Agents

The ever-changing Valorant Meta is the crucial aspect of the game that prevents it from becoming tedious. Therefore, these Best Valorant Fracture Meta Agents are ideal as of 4.03 until the next Valorant Nerf/Buff changes.

1. Breach

The largely ignored Valorant Agent Breach can perform ground-shaking wonders and really does shine on Fracture. His presence on Fracture can easily allow allies to obtain map control, whether for post-plant or defense scenarios.

Valorant Fracture Map -Breach

The tight spaces on Site A & the Long Stairway onwards Site B are ideal for deploying Flashpoint or Fault-line. Similarly, his Ultimate – Rolling Thunder can really put people in their places when it’s needed the most.

2. Chamber

The French Marksman and weapons expert thrives on the Fracture Map with his weapons and abilities. The Rendezvous lets him teleport effortlessly between different areas on any Spike Site, while his Headhunter allows him ADS accuracy.

Valorant Chamber

For both Attackers or Defenders, the Headhunter is alone worth plenty in Eco Rounds, especially with Trademark to watch lurks. You can rest assured on Chamber to hold or push a Site by himself, with Tour De Force in play.

3. Astra/Viper

A controller like Astra as your ally could help you escape tough situations and deter enemy snipers. Her Nebula and Gravity Well do well when defending a site or disturbing defenders enough to go all full-send. The elements on Fracture Map are well defined to allow her to enter cosmic form without fearing getting shot.

Valorant Fracture Map - Viper

If you all but forgot about her Cosmic Divide, it can practically allow you to take a site without hassles. Her LOS blocking abilities are impressive, as are Viper’s, whose Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen & Snakebite are enough to prevent or assist a push.

4. Killjoy

German Brainiac Killjoy can perhaps offer the best set of abilities to play Post-plant or defense on Fracture. Her Turret can frustrate lurkers while she could detonate Nanobots from a distance to stop an ongoing spike plant.

Valorant Fracture Map -Killjoy

The Alarm Bots are a plus, especially when you employ fake rotations to confuse enemies. A Killjoy + Chamber team combination creates a full-proof defense to protect both Spike Sites. Moreover, Killjoy can better defend the B site heaven area with her traps on the spike site, better than anyone.


Built Different, the Kayo Valorant Agent also shines on Fracture with his Null/CMD Ultimate Ability. Engaging it for a Push or defense scenario can instantly depower every enemy on the spike site unless Flash\DRIVE already blinds them.

Valorant Fracture Map - Kayo

His Frag/MENT ability is good enough to limit a Site push or help it when the timer is running out. He has been the common pick for most VCT global Valorant teams because – Kill All Your Opponents.

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Final Words

There are numerous Valorant Fracture Gameplay tactics that you could employ to secure victory, round after round. Seemingly, they may not demand the Valorant Fracture Meta Agent lineup, except they sort of do. These Valorant Agents presently thrive in the conditions present on the map and, therefore, can use their abilities best accordingly. So, remember to practice! GLHF!

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