Valorant: What Sets it Apart from Other FPS Titles?

valorant esports

The introduction of Valorant to the esports FPS titles gaming community has filled a long-desired gap for an interesting First Person Tactical Shooter game that offers more than basic gunplay.

The long successful games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch were popular, and even today, they retain some of their loyal players, yet bugs and controversies en masse plague these games.

Gamers sour from facing such troubles and seeking something fresh but entertaining to play then turned to Battle Royale games hoping to get a better game performance and gameplay experience. Still, they soon became bored of the same game model.

Enter Valorant: Innovation for FPS Titles

Amidst the aftermath of Battle Royale Games like Fortnite, PUBG, COD, Apex Legends, whose enormous popularity appeared waning by the end of 2019, Valorant entered the scene with its beta drops and created a wave.

It led to invading much of the market share too soon, too quickly, but all for good. Today, professional players are jumping ships or, to put it differently, choosing the better alternative to play by joining the Valorant Competitive Global Scene.

Well then, it does raise a question, a few significant ones, to be precise. What makes Valorant so unique? Why is Valorant still ranking among the top charts, surpassing the exceeding success of heavy titles? Let’s identify the answers to each of these questions in the content below.

Valorant: The Unique Free-to-Play FPS ESports Title

It took the game a year to reach its Episode 3 Act 1 Battlepass, which is received with much delight among the global valorant players across the world. The game’s success largely depended on the proper execution of an unusual idea that loosely culminates into merging games like Overwatch with the decade-old, traditional Counter-Strike game.

Valorant FPS Titles

But wait, that cannot be the whole of it, and it’s certainly not the truth regarding Valorant. Sure the game did bring on the positives from a few other games, but Riot Inc., the creator behind Valorant, is no rookie. Aside from already owning massive game titles like World of Warcraft, Legends of Runeterra, and other prominent and top-rated games, Valorant was envisioned to be a unique FPS shooter that offers its players much more than mere gunplay.

So far, the game is doing exceptionally well- considering it has a monthly active player base of over 14 million players and has amassed a whooping revenue in the sum of billions. Achieving it all in just the first year of its existence as one of the newest FPS titles makes the Valorant game truly redefine the gaming industry.

Let’s analyze the components that make Valorant an undeniably massive hit. Ideally, one can say that the four pillars that led the game to garner such success are the following things:

  • Exotic Fun Gameplay
  • Keen Developers
  • Social Engagement
  • Community Receptiveness

Most games available on various platforms attempt to achieve all of these four characteristics necessary for making a game a hit. In today’s era, where a person’s attention span shifts almost quicker than sound, Valorant emerged to be a worthy gaming title that captured the attention of the global gaming community. It further kept on to deliver impressive results time and time again.

Exotic Fun Gameplay


Valorant, at its core, offers its players the ability to pick among different agents for playing a 1v1 team match. These tactical shooter agents clash against each other in the form of attackers and defenders. This 5v5 FPS game aims to offer two possibilities: the plant/diffuse the spike scenario or eliminate all the enemy team players.

Valorant FPS Titles

Let’s look into each of these characteristics in detail.

The concept is quite simple, but the fact these agents individually possess their own ability skills adds a fun twist to the gunplay, which can be supported or harmed by using those skills.

An FPS game where its character can perform different actions besides shooting bullets from any weapon adds up to presenting countless scenarios to unfold until the round ends. The existence of multiple such agents in a game simultaneously, and each aiming to be the top fragger further, adds to the aspect of a sense of challenge in the game that only becomes sweeter upon becoming victorious.


Different types of Valorant maps exist within the game that are nigh bland and customized to every detail for making the game realistically visually appealing to diversify the gameplay further. Customization can include from placement of several different objects to odd graffitis on the walls of sites and other imagery, which extend beyond the respective playable map.

Valorant FPS Titles

Again, the existence of multiple maps offers wide strata of players to compete on their favorite sites. Doing so also rewards them in recognizing besides helping them become familiar with other maps that they might soon come to like and accept.

Why should maps remain basic if the gameplay offers more than gunplay? Here’s where the placement of orbs comes into play. When valorant agents collect them, it allows them to get closer to recharging their ultimate ability, which is substantially a sight to behold and an experience to be braved.

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Tweaked Gameplay

Building on the common in-game economy system where a player can access the shop in FPS titles to buy weapons and other items, the Valorant saw an opportunity to improvise. It eliminated unnecessary items from the shop to only offer options to buy armor, guns, and purchasable player skills.

Valorant FPS Titles

In addition to this, Valorant also allows you to buy weapons for other players. It, therefore, eliminates the need to buy a weapon, throw it, re-equip the new weapon, and all that hassle, simply gone, poof.

Furthermore, most of us have attempted to diffuse a spike in other similar games without a dedicated kit. If you have, you can relate that the entire process is grudgingly slow, well, not in a valorant spike diffuse scene. The spike can be planted and diffused without carrying an extra set of items. It can also be re-diffused without starting from scratch if the diffuse spike rate exceeds the half-notch. Pretty nifty, right?

All such basic differences in the gameplay compared to old-school gameplay adds up to making Valorant arguably one of the best and minimalist free-to-play shooters in the market.

Keen Developers

Praising the team behind the development of Valorant will soon need to be updated in the form of essays based on how effectively they are performing their jobs with determination and passion.

From the game’s inception as an idea to defining it and developing it into this hugely successful esports FPS title is truly a commendable feat. Creating an elaborate yet simple game that offers exciting in-game items and delivering them to global players while meeting the highest standards of an enthusiastic community makes Valorant marvelous.

The active participation and contributions to the game of developers do not end in writing lines of code. They also include testing the game to its full potential besides exploring possibilities for adding new features. A prime example is a SnowBall mode, released in mid-December 2020, which allowed players to play a quick valorant game when they can’t commit to the full game modes.

Beyond the surface and in-game tweaks management, the developers want to create a balanced game that favors both skill and precision. This base requirement led them to update the in-game economy model and nerfing/buffing some valorant agents in the Valorant Patch Update 3.0. All for keeping the game living up to its core idea – Tactical FPS shooter.

Another thing that Valorant does best is that it utilizes the Valorant Vanguard system. It has successfully largely kept the cheaters at bay and made the gaming environment authentic as possible. Assisting this system to prevent cheaters in Valorant, the developers also are observed to respond quickly to bugs and offer fixes within the same week or two, if not mere days.

Moreover, the developers brought on in-game cosmetic items improvements by delivering gun animations, kill animations, and much more, making the game even more visually rewarding.

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Social Engagement

While the two supposed pillars above are responsible for defining the valorant game and making it enjoyable, the social engagement part of the game is not a downer.

Launching the Beta phase of the game instantly created a spark in the global gaming community. It involved providing popular streamers with the opportunity to play the game and allow their viewers to obtain the game as drop items. It created such a buzz that lasted for over a month, even though it was made clear that only limited drops will be provided at random.

Following the success of the beta phase and incorporating suggestions obtained from the top streamers, the feedback was well received, with changes made evident in the game at its official launch.

Ever since the release of the Valorant game, the development team and the social media team have worked dedicatedly to make player suggestions and complaints reach a solution as early as possible. This aspect of Valorant has kept the game in high regard for most players to date, unlike other gaming titles where requesting to fix a bug is equal to venturing into a lawless land.

Examples that depict that the submitted suggestions are viewed and solved pertain to spike site corrections, agent abilities refinement, etc. Even the Flash Grenade ability of the KAY/O agent will make players reminiscent about the mechanism of throwing flashbangs in CS: GO – the OG FPS shooter the decade.

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Community Receptiveness

Suppose building and sustaining a product is half the battle. In that case, expansion is entirely another half part that needs to be carried out carefully. Again, Valorant doesn’t disappoint here either. By adding newer agents, newer maps with diverse symmetry, and new gun bundles based on favorite community votes, Valorant shows it understands its community.

Expanding this community doesn’t solely rest on offering new in-game items but by hosting tournaments that offer a chance for younger people and adults, with equality, to participate, perform, interact, and so on. The ongoing Valorants Champions Tour series is an excellent example of achieving this the right way besides the Twitter communication that frequently occurs between valorant game fans and the team of valorant.

The Road Ahead for Valorant

Taking Valorant, the successful FPS titles ahead of the current achievements is already planned- According to the teasers secretly added by developers as reported by various users on Reddit.

The sudden emergence of Valorant surely revitalizes the dying or rather isolated global esports scene from the previous years. Pondering upon the game’s progress so far, even at face value, Valorant is set to offer plenty more interesting and exciting times and fun gameplay for years ahead to come.

Thus, these reasons combinedly make Valorant one of the most revered FPS titles among the global gaming community.

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