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Valorant Chamber Agent Gameplay Tips

Introducing a new valorant agent always brings changes to the pre-existing Valorant Meta. The same is also true when the devs make changes to the maps or valorant weapons. But, the Valorant Chamber agent is himself a weapon master, according to the Valorant lore. So, what does he bring to the field, and how could he be used in Valorant strats?

Chamber Agent Valorant Abilities

The abilities available to the Valorant Chamber Agent revolutionize how the Eco rounds play out in Valorant Games. Since the origins of the French Valorant agent concern weaponry, his abilities indeed include some fine weapons. It is a nod to the previous statement by Valorant devs, stating that abilities exist to assist gunplay.

Valorant Chamber
  • Trademark (C) – Place a trap that scans for enemies in proximity and triggers to create a destabilizing terrain, slowing movement.
  • Headhunter (Q) – Equips Chamber with a heavy pistol with high wall penetration. It is the only pistol with ADS (Aim Down Sights).
  • Rendezvous (E) – Places teleport anchors at separate locations within a limited distance. Its Activation is possible within its field area,  allowing the Chamber to teleport to the anchor location. It can be picked for redeployment.
  • Tour De Force (X) (Ultimate) – Equips Chamber with a custom sniper rifle that kills an enemy with a single hit. The shot on impact with the target also creates a lingering field around them.

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Valorant Chamber Agent Gameplay Strats

Now that you’re familiar with the abilities, let’s focus on using them in real-time on Valorant maps.

Anchoring to Map Site

Previously, the Omen Valorant agent was the only one who could teleport between locations. The onset of Chamber Agent Valorant Abilities allows players to use him to take risks & play at two locations.

For example, Chamber could place an anchor on the A site plant area and Heaven on the split map. In this manner, when he plays as a Defender, he could defend the push from Ramps and A-main. He could teleport to Elbow or on the A site plant area when things get ugly to surprise enemies.

Valorant Chamber

Eco Rounds

The introduction of the Valorant Chamber Agent has forever changed the severity of Eco rounds. With Chamber on your team, you could rely on his aim to take out enemies in proximity or afar. The bullets from his heavy pistol offer high penetration, making it essentially a Guardian-level Sheriff.

Valorant Chamber - Deagle

Convenient Traps

Using Cypher or Killjoy for their traps can be old school when Chamber traps can slow multiple players at once. Sure, agents like Raze or Jett could fly over the trap, unaffected, but the accompanying agents cannot escape quickly. So, plant it on crucial locations like on CT or B Main, and so on.

No Buy Sniping

When your team is low on credits, and the guns cost a fortune, the Chamber Ultimate Ability can be your help from above. If your Chamber agent has good aim precision, he can easily ace the round, especially on Icebox and Breeze. Holding a long angle and swift movement is the key to using his ultimate ability.

Valorant Chamber - Snipper

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Final Words

There could be many Valorant Chamber agent strategies that you could use in sync with other Valorant agents. However, to effectively utilize them, make sure to practice them in the unrated game mode. When the Chamber Agent Valorant Abilities are used in a calculated manner, he could be more lethal than Jett.

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