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Valorant Breeze Meta Agents After Patch 3.0

The popularity of the valorant game is soaring to greater heights with every passing day. The developers that are responsible for keeping the game fresh are leaving no stone unturned, literally. Ever since the game’s official release, the only addition of a new map was Icebox, which is currently a bit old but exciting nonetheless. But the Valorant Breeze Meta Agents is the new hype today after valorant patch 3.0!

Still, to take the map count to six, the addition of Breeze, released on April 27th, 2021, is gathering a sort of favoritism among the valorant community. The FPS Valorant players, esports professionals, and Valorant Stream viewers already love it, even after two months into the game, for several reasons like novelty, numerous sniping vantage points, tighter corners, and so on.

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Breeze: The New Uncontested & Largest Ground Zero in Valorant

The tropical nature of the map is alluring to the eyes, while the split mid-area is challenging to both invade and hold, even with multiple clouds of smoke. The long hallways at various locations on the map make it daunting to set afoot, much less clear an area nonchalantly.

Still, this guide will help you bag victories along with teaching you some important Valorant tips to help enhance your Valorant competitive skills.

First Thing First for Breeze Valorant Map

Valorant breeze map


Valorant players seeking mastery over the Breeze valorant map need first to learn the callouts and spike locations in the map. You can do this by either creating a custom game, memorizing the location names, or by the good old way of playing the map itself as many times as possible.


As visible in the breeze map layout image, the playing area is quite big. There are multiple entry points for several locations, like for the mid pillar area with five entries. Clutching at such sites will be difficult no matter whether you’re a defender or an attacker of a Radiant or Immortal rank.

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Thus, having clear comms with your team will help significantly in this map and could be one of the key elements that help you win rounds against the opposite team.

Crosshair Placement

The sunny and pleasing environment on the Breeze map offers plenty of colorful and dull locations, which collectively makes it easy to sneak up on enemies. Still, you can’t hide for too long because the numerous vantage points and rotation avenues will give away your position. Thus, learning Valorant crosshairs placement is crucial to tag an agent asap.

Remembering placements is often easier if you observe the elements in the map like patterns, objects, elevation, and so on. Usually, they will in some way align with your crosshair, as it does for B long location in Bind via the paint on the walls and so on.

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Breeze Meta Agents for Valorant Patch 3.0

The newest Valorant Patch 3.0 of Episode 3 Act 1 has changed the game’s economy system and agent’s movement and signature abilities. Compared with the previous episode’s patch, the current patch makes the Breeze map more challenging to contest for both teams.

To improve your skills on Breeze, read about all the different strategies for the map given below that you can align with your agent’s abilities to fill the meta shoes. Alternatively, you can also define your meta capabilities by following the offered Valorant tips for Breeze by a famous professional FPS player.

Valorant Meta Agents

Breeze Valorant Map Guidelines: A Professional Player’s Outlook

The free-to-play valorant game received remarkable popularity during its beta-key period when it allowed the players to obtain the game. Among the most prominent contributors to the game’s success is a famous personality popularly titled the ‘FPS God’ Shroud. Let’s consider his opinions and suggestions and consider them regarding the game’s progression system in Episode 3, Act 1.

Shroud puts emphasis on having players hold their site positions as well as rotate around the maps in an instinctive manner without leveraging too much risk. But, at instances, you can spot him break his own rule and often emerge as a victor due to his clear shots, excellent aim, and years of experience in playing the FPS games both professionally and as a streamer.

Holding mid points of a site and watching flanks are two of the standard rules he asks his teammates to follow whether he’s playing support or as a duelist.

Recommended Valorant Breeze Meta Agents & Non-Ideal Agents by Shroud

The nerfs to the run & gun ability for all of the agents in the new patch make the map interesting. Players need to halt and shoot for better accuracy over long distances, which are many in this map. At the same time, it allows for players with precision aiming in the game to get clean shots with the Operator, Vandal, Phantom, and Sheriff.

Shroud Valorant Meta

Preventing such scenarios for a team rests on the shoulders of agents like Sage, who can avert site rush with her barrier orb, while agents like Skye instead of Breach can offer better support to the team in an all-round manner by using her guiding light to blind enemies and trailblazer to acquire info as well as possibly daze enemies.

Adding to his comment on the ideal valorant meta agents for the breeze map, Shroud, on his twitch stream, further mentioned that using the duelists Reyna and Yoru will offer better chances to tag enemies than Raze and Phoenix, whose abilities are better practical for mid-size or smaller maps only.

Above all, the essential most valorant agents on the tropical map will be controllers, particularly Viper and Astra. These agents can obstruct the field of vision on a site by a significant ratio, therefore, serving to gain the possibility of blocking multiple angles. However, Shroud does not endorse having three controllers on a team.

According to Shroud for Breeze map, an ideal team will be inclusive of agents like Astra, Viper, Skye, Sova, and one more agent but none in particular.

Breeze Meta-Learning Curve

The new patch has increased the cost of an agent’s abilities and has raised the roof of charging the ultimate abilities for multiple valorant agents. These changes in sync with the revised price of weapons, especially the Operator, which now only costs 4700 credits, are a major concern for teams on both sides.

To better accommodate an FPS based theme in the game after witnessing a greater reliance on abilities themselves, the changes made by the developers seem to be logical when you consider that at any given instance in the game, all the ten agents can possibly use their ultimate abilities at the same time. Though it is unheard of in those proportions, the new changes certainly adhere to keep it that way, thereby inciting valorant players to pass the learning curve of the game.

Ultimately, the Breeze map evens out some general disadvantages of smaller maps while also allowing a greater chance for tables to turn for both teams, thereby creating endless scenarios for the game to develop into unpredictable circumstances.

Additional Valorant Meta Agents Strategies for Breeze

Typically, it is ideal for a team to have a balanced combination of agents that play different roles like Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel, and Controllers for larger sites or even tighter sites, as per a loose translation of what Shroud always practices in his Valorant games. At the time of agent selection, keeping an eye on balancing the team will improve your chances of accomplishing multiple win rounds.

Valorant Meta Agents

A map large as the Breeze is incredibly difficult to hold by the likes of Sentinels and Controllers alone. So look out when picking agents who can obstruct vantage points and simultaneously assist the team by planting flashes, and most importantly, gathering information.

Valorant Breeze Map Tips

Following these tips will also help you gain gun sense, according to the round. 

  • Approaching the mid pillar from the attacker’s side offers a high ground and a metaphorical window to the defenders to spot and eliminate you, thus move quickly or shoot heads.
  • Faking a rotation to deceive the enemy team is possible at the mid-chute location near the A site, but it is advised that you have an agent to accompany you for simultaneously clearing the corners. Barging into the site alone could easily lead to a quick death in no time.
  • Avoiding the mid-section of the map and rotating around from the mid cannon will put you in a crosshair from the long B. Move fast or stay prepared. Double peeking with another agent at this location could help make the sniper stay put for a short while.
  • Seek out different areas in the map that allows you to throw projectiles, bombs, incendiaries, etc., to a remote location, as these moves can ideally help you clutch the round or get that Ace.

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