Tips For Valorant Beginners – 10 Things You Must Know!

tips for Valorant beginners

Valorant is proving to be one of the most successful tactical FPS shooters in the market, whose popularity is far from witnessing a decline anytime soon. The fans (including seekers of Tips For Valorant Beginners) are fondly appreciating the game for several reasons that make Valorant, developed by Riot Games Inc., a hit in every possible regard.

So, if you’re someone who has found themselves intrigued by the gameplay and want to learn the game, then our Tips for Valorant Beginners will do more than introduce you to the basics of the game.

However, as we venture into the tactics that you can use to get better at the game, be sure also to check out our valorant agents guide if you haven’t already!

10 Essential Tips for Valorant Beginners

More often than not, you pick up a game and start playing it, and within the hour, you’re familiar with its basics and the know-how. While that’s true for most games, Valorant does present a slight learning curve concerning the existence of its famed Valorant Agents.

Regardless of getting a hold of how each Agent is helpful in your game in different scenarios, here’s how you can go from a Beginner to a Competent Valorant Player.

  1. Shooting Practice

Aiming is perhaps the vital skill you need to develop as a gamer to score high in Valorant. Beginners can get better at it only by learning to shoot or rather by creating a trigger discipline.

Tips For Valorant Beginners

Trigger discipline in loose terms is fundamentally a mix of knowing when, how, and where to shoot. It is foremost necessary for each of these parts to become familiar with the weapon you hold.

Daily practice your weapon shooting skills in Valorant at the Shooting Range or by creating a custom game or by playing a Deathmatch game mode.

Sharpen your shooting skills a step further by learning the Valorant Gun Recoil of different weapons. Once you know them better, learn the art of tapping your gunshots instead of spraying because the Valorant recoil patterns differ vastly from any other game you’ve ever played before.

Irrespective of the seemingly uphill task of learning the recoil, memorizing it isn’t difficult. It will also help develop your muscle memory, ultimately getting you the Ace plays made by pros. 

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  1. Lay of The Land

Aside from mastering your weapon day by day, Valorant beginners typically face the difficulty of being unfamiliar with the map and the different callouts for various locations within the map.

Learning the map is simple. Start by creating a custom game, choose a map you like to learn and spend a couple of hours walking and running around it. Do this repeatedly for a few days, and within the week, you will learn the path to different locations, if not all the callout names of all the seven Valorant maps.

Extra Tip: After learning the map, spend some time interacting with map objects like climbing on ropes, boxes, jumping on props, etc., to learn more about newer angles to hold.

  1. Using Agent Abilities

Another set of crucial tips for Valorant Beginners is learning to use your agent abilities. Sure, you may only start with only 8 Valorant Agents in the beginning, but each of them is a total classic and can prove to be valuable and lethal when required.

Tips For Valorant Beginners

Beginners should start playing with Valorant Agents like Phoenix, Sage, Reyna, Cypher, and Brimstone as their set of abilities are both supportive to the team and themselves.

Learning to use their abilities in different situations is the key to becoming a competent player, no matter how exceptional or average your aiming skills may be.

  1. Adjust Your Mouse Sensitivity

All the Valorant eSports Pro players are familiar with this key rule of playing the game using a custom mouse sensitivity. It matters for several reasons like gaining the Clutch advantage, feeding muscle memory, scoring clean kills, and so on.

Start by hitting the shooting range to adjust your mouse dpi settings and mouse sensitivity settings so that you can rotate 180 degrees in one vertical swipe of your mouse. However, remember that copying mouse sensitivity and dpi settings won’t help in the long run as everyone aims differently despite having the same objectives.

Extra Tip: Consider getting a gaming mouse if possible because a typical mouse will most likely run at a fixed 800-1000 dpi settings by default, which limits the process of establishing muscle memory to a degree. A lower sensitivity combined with a high polling rate and practice can make you a pro valorant player in only a few weeks!

  1. Customize Your Crosshair

You might’ve seen different Valorant players using tiny to an enormous crosshair and even abstract or no crosshair at all. It’s because it’s all a matter of personal preference, same as it is with adjusting your Mouse Sensitivity and DPI settings.

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Customize Crosshair

An abnormal crosshair can make it challenging to shoot accurately over long distances, which you can correct by self-defining the length, size, and other attributes of your Valorant Crosshair. Again, you might need to hit the shooting range.

Don’t worry if you’ve already spent hours learning to aim better and control your gun recoil with the default crosshair. It will help significantly when you finally have a crosshair that doesn’t inconvenience you.

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  1. Team Communication

Whether you’re playing solo or queuing with a squad of more than two players, practice using your communication devices to make your Valorant teammates aware of the developments occurring on your side of the map and before your eyes.

Still, there’s a fine line between communicating and exploiting the facility.

Team communication in Valorant should primarily involve discussing or mentioning:

  • Enemy location and movements
  • Spike location updates
  • Witnessing the use of Valorant Agent abilities by the enemy team.
  • Initiating the use of Valorant Agent abilities (Breach, Phoenix, Skye, Viper, Kay/O, Yoru, we’re looking at you!)

Apart from this, team communication also helps ease off some stress of playing the game and helps with better synchronization among your team.

Remember, Teamwork Makes the Win Work!

  1. Knife To A GunFight?

When there is a need to cross long distances and making sound isn’t a problem, run with your knife/melee weapon in your hand instead of your rifles or pistols.

Tips For Valorant Beginners

Doing so can increase your agent movement speed, making all the difference in organizing and accomplishing a clutch situation.

However, pushing a site should under no circumstances involve bringing a knife to a gunfight, geddit?

  1. Get Smart

After the end of each round, look around for swapping your weapon with a better weapon. For instance, switch your Classic, Spectre, Bulldog, Ares with weapons like an Operator, Vandal, Phoenix, Odin, Sheriff, and so on.

These weapons usually cost too much, and you get to keep them till the next round and until you die, thereby saving you more credit points for buying in the next round or helping your teammate buy a gun.

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  1. Adaptability

Valorant is a character/agent-based tactical shooter, and it makes the game highly unpredictable when you factor in the use of agent abilities into any of the game rounds. Though the end goal only oscillates between loss or victory, getting there can be full of surprises.

Thus, the Tips for Valorant Beginners guide is incomplete without stating the beneficial key aspect of the game, i.e., Adaptability.

The better you learn to read a situation, the easier it is to turn the tables on the enemy team in any of the rounds. Two ways to become more adaptable to the game are by playing it and watching the pros.

  1. Learn From Pros

If you can spare time to watch a few skilled Valorant eSports players, you can quickly learn the basics in less than a week. Their gameplay already incorporates most of the tips mentioned here and more.

Watch the gameplay of TenZ, ScreaM, Hiko, Zombs, ShawnBM, Babybay, etc.

Ranked Tips for Valorant Beginners Roundup

Whether your aim for playing Valorant is to become competitively better or for simply enjoying the game, here’s the round-up for what you should do to advance from a beginner to a competent player.

  • Aim Practice
  • Map Discovery
  • Valorant Agent Ability Usage
  • Customizing Mouse/Crosshair Settings
  • Communicating with Team
  • Adaptability
  • Balancing between Purchasing Abilities/Weapons
  • Learning Strafing Movement & Crouch Shooting

While these Tips for Valorant Beginners may take a while to master, indeed, you can improve your valorant game rank and gameplay by using them in your daily practice sessions and unrated/competitive matches. GLHF!

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