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Rankings in Valorant

Valorant is made by Riot Games Inc. and was released to the Windows Platform on 2nd June 2020. While the game already had a popular run before its release in the closed beta program, the popular streamers and other players still enjoy the freshness of the game that has a 5v5 gameplay with the objectives of either killing all opponents or successfully detonating/defusing the spike. It might sound similar to few other tactical FPS games like Counter-Strike and Overwatch but Valorant is more than just a First Person Shooter.

There are sixteen playable agents that you can select which have their own unique set of abilities. The functionality of these abilities makes the game interesting to both play and watch. With that said, there are also customizations withing the game such as valorant player cards, gun buddies, sprays, gun skins, and more which can be accessed after gaining the required experience in the game.

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Rankings in Valorant

There’s a unique system for rankings in valorant for those who like competition and would like to improve their gaming skills.

Rankings in Valorant

Presently, to allow versatility and ease of gameplay, valorant has seven game modes that you can select to play.

  • Unrated – It is the default mode that you can use to enter a queue with other players and it does not count rank.
  • Competitive – This game mode will provide you with a competitive rank based on your skills and other factors but you need to play 20 unranked games before you unlock this option.
  • Spike Rush – This mode involves planting spikes and the first team to win 4 rounds wins.
  • Deathmatch – Bring out your best guns in this quick gameplay mode where the first to score 40 kills wins the round. You’ll compete against 14 other players so be quick on your feet and quicker with your weapon trigger!
  • Replication– You will battle your opponents the same as you do in Unrated, but all your teammates including yourself will have the same agent and limited credits per round. The first team to win 5 rounds will win the game.
  • Fracture – It is a new valorant map that is offered as a game mode only for two weeks from 8th September in Ep 3 Act 2. Afterward, it will join the other six maps in the Unrated and Competitive queue.
  • Custom – Create a custom 5v5 valorant game to play with your friends or to host personal tournaments. It also allows observers and other special features!

How to Unlock Ranking in Valorant?

Before you’re assigned a rank within the competitive mode of gameplay, you’ll need to play 5 matches in the competitive mode. Regardless of winning or losing them, you’ll then be provided with a rank. After scoring the rank, the competitive game mode will allow you to match with other players with similar ranks so that you can enjoy gaming with the same or more skilled players.

How many Ranks are there?

There are eight different types of ranks and seven of those have three sub-tiers making the total rank count twenty-two including the top rank called Radiant. All these ranks have their own skill badges which are displayed in your player card while you’re queuing and also before your screen name that is displayed in the scoreboard within the game.

The ranks are as follows:

  • Iron
    • Iron 1
    • Iron 2
    • Iron 3
  • Bronze
    • Bronze 1
    • Bronze 2
    • Bronze 3
  • Silver
    • Silver 1
    • Silver 2
    • Silver 3
  • Gold
    • Gold 1
    • Gold 2
    • Gold 3
  • Platinum
    • Platinum 1
    • Platinum 2
    • Platinum 3
  • Diamond
    • Diamond 1
    • Diamond 2
    • Diamond 3
  • Immortal
    • Immortal 1
    • Immortal 2
    • Immortal 3
  • Radiant

How to Track Rank Progress?

You can track your account progress in definitive numbers with the Account Progress (AP) system. To track your rank progress, simply click on the Career option next to the Play button and access the sub-option called Act Rank. It will show you detailed stats of all your previously played valorant matches along with other details.

Additionally, if you might have wondered about losing your rank in valorant game because you haven’t played in a few days due to various reasons, you need not worry because unless you’re absent for less than 14 days, your rank will not decrease. In the case where you’ve been away for more than 14 days, your rank will only be temporarily hidden until you play a match in competitive mode.

Let’s play like a pro and improve your rankings in valorant! 🙂

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