How to Redeem Valorant Code – Quick Guide!

how to redeem valorant code

Any FPS game is incomplete without offering custom collectibles, even Valorant. Despite a year after its official launch, the game still provides fantastic collectible items periodically, like the Spectrum Skin bundle. However, players also get the opportunity to obtain items by redeeming Valorant codes. As to your query on how to redeem valorant code, read on!

How to Redeem Valorant Code?

Whether or not you’re a regular Valorant player, you can easily redeem specific Valorant codes, even without opening the game. After you’ve identified which valorant code you want to redeem, the next step for how to redeem valorant code is quite simple:

  • Navigate to the Official Valorant Redeem Page
  • Sign In using your Riot Games Inc Account
  • Input your desired code in the provided text box
  • Click on Redeem
  • Login into Valorant Game to receive the item in your Collection

What can be Obtained from Valorant Codes?

Although most users aren’t aware of how to redeem valorant code, knowing it can benefit them in several ways. For instance, the Valorant Pride Cards & Pride Player Titles were up for grabs during June 2021 via Redeemable Valorant Codes.

how to redeem valorant code

Note: Some of the codes mentioned below may have expired their limited time window of redemption or their redemption quantity limits.

Valorant Player Cards

Get unique Valorant Player Cards by redeeming the following codes:

  • YTILAUD – Get the Duality Valorant Player Card
  • PRISMATIC – Get the LGBTQ+ appreciation Valorant Player Card
  • PRIMARY – Get the Pansexual appreciation Valorant Player Card
  • COTTONCANDY – Get the Transgender appreciation Valorant Player Card
  • GALACTIC – Get the Non-Binary appreciation Valorant Player Card
  • SUNSET – Get the Bisexual appreciation Valorant Player Card
  • TWILIGHT – Get the Asexual appreciation Valorant Player Card
  • SHERBERT – Get the Lesbain appreciation Valorant Player Card

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Valorant Player Titles

Get collectible Valorant Player Titles by redeeming the following codes:

  • JUBILANT01 – Get ‘Proud‘ Valorant Player Title
  • JUBILANT02 – Get ‘Ally‘ Valorant Player Title
how to redeem valorant code

Valorant Gun Skins

Although the players haven’t yet had the chance to obtain Valorant Gun Skins via a redeem code, it’s still possible. The game is growing enormously, plus the Valorant gaming community is currently one of the largest, so keep your fingers crossed.

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Valorant Sprays

Similarly, obtaining Valorant Sprays via Valorant redeem code hasn’t happened yet, but the game’s growing popularity can change that. However, you must know that sometimes you may experience server issues while redeeming these codes. So, it’s ideal if you do it promptly after the codes are released. Watch this space for such announcements!

Valorant Gun Buddies

Now, obtaining Valorant Gun Buddies may not be as common via the Valorant Redeem codes, but please hear us out. You can link your Amazon Prime account with the Valorant game to obtain monthly free gun buddies that are available.

The Takeaway

Learning how to redeem valorant code can be handy in obtaining some freebies without spending your cash. So, keep an eye out for such limited-time Redeemable Valorant Codes to receive exciting Valorant in-game items. Furthermore, use your Amazon Prime Membership to get unique Valorant collectibles. GLHF!

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