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Flash Tips For Valorant Agents – You Never Tried Yet!

Valorant is growing to become one of the most popular eSports titles after its Valorant Champions Tour Series earning positive reviews from numerous gaming communities across the different regions of the world.

So far, the game has succeeded in receiving only positive reviews from the community, which has plenty of other FPS shooters as options with the likes of Battlefield 5, Call of Duty: Warzone, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, etc.

An undeniable appreciation behind this success can be credited to the unique character agent-based Valorant gaming mechanics that allow players to choose between 16 different agents for playing as a 5v5 in a tactical shooter scenario. Each Valorant agent possesses different unique abilities, among which the blinding ability through a flash remains as crucial as smoking a line of sight (LOS).

This guide will make you familiar with some Valorant agents’ abilities to blind/flash players, so let’s look into it without much ado.

How Different is A Valorant Flash?

Blinding a player is one of the most vital elements in a tactical shooter that allows multiple benefits and comes with certain drawbacks to the team if they aren’t appropriately utilized.

Flash Tips For Valorant Agents

Moreover, the simple act of performing a Valorant flash by the respective agent who can (not all) differs in multiple ways from each other, which further opens various possibilities to take advantage of in a clutch, ace, or a push kind of situation.

Let’s check out the differences and Flash tips for Valorant Agents so you can accurately maneuver the situation to win a Valorant round sans match.

Valorant Agents Flash Tips

These are the key Valorant Flash tips you must remember regardless of the agents you may pick, whose individual Line Of Sight (LOS) flashing tips are separately stated further below:

  • Communicating & Team Synchronicity

Always state clearly through your comms unit to your team that you’re flashing a site or an area. A lack of healthy communication with your valorant team will ultimately cost you rounds and, therefore, the match because you blinded all ten players on the map together, and it’s just bullets flying every way for the next 5 seconds.

So, before the start of a round, during the buy time, discuss any push strategies that may utilize your valorant agent flash ability via communicating about it and then proceed to do it. Over time, it will become a subconscious reflex action.

  • Flash at Elevations

Flashing directly at the ideal crosshair level is not only a big no-no but also detrimental to the benefit of your team. In a combat situation, flashing at the ground or a little higher in the sky than the height of your valorant agents will make the enemy team adjust their crosshair while preventing yourself and your team from going blind like a bat.

Take Yoru’s flash, for example. If you throw it on the ground, instead of bouncing it off the walls, it can temporarily blind the enemy team enough for you to mismanage their crosshair and let you land lethal blows while they’re blinded.

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  • Adjusting LOS for Decreased valorant Flash Effect

You don’t have to submit your eyesight and all sense of reality when a valorant agent uses a flash ability. Simply adjusting your position or looking away from a flash could restore your line of sight quicker or completely make you unaffected by the blinding flash.

Take Reyna’s Leer, for example. The Valorant duelist can blind any agent temporarily who looks at her eyes, which can be avoided by shielding against objects or moving to a cover position. Valorant pros use this technique in real-time when they’re inducing a flash to prevent affecting themselves.

  • Bounce Flash At Corners & Walls

Using valorant agent flash in open areas is ineffective to the team and overwhelms every person present at the respective spike site. Plus, introducing flash ability before peeking works perfectly in scoring kills when you bounce flash at corners or walls.

Agents like Phoenix, Breach, Reyna, Skye can follow this tip to obtain better outcomes from their use of flash abilities for the team and themselves.

  • Introduce Second Flash

Another tip that is often never used or overlooked is sending another flash following the first one.

Doing this can allow you the window to gather information after the first flash that will make players readjust and unprepared for the second flash that will daze them and provide you with the fleeting opportunity to score as many kills as you can.

Note: The Valorant Agent flashes could differ among each other in terms of their effectiveness in different maps beyond their intensity and countermeasures that can allow you not to let them hold you back in a kill-trade situation.

It might be possible that you may not have unlocked all of the players if you’re only getting started with Valorant. However, the following agents can perform respective types of flashes/blinding lights causing loss of LOS scenarios, whose specimen is visible in the clip below:

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Players that lock instantly or insta-lock Breach Valorant Agent are Breach Main but either superiorly god-tier at blinding enemies or simply enjoy flashing their own team. There’s no in-between.

Breach Tips for Flashpoint will foremost demand that you communicate with your team and then flash at elevations or make the flash bounce off walls instead of objects. It can prevent you from blinding your entire team and is also helpful for when you’re defending a site or pushing one apart from getting involved in a 1v1 trade scenario.

If you’re on a map as big as Ascent or Breeze, sticking to corners will be ideal for you to introduce flashpoint as Breach flash decreases in intensity based on the distance it is away from an object.


Playing as a Phoenix agent will require you to use the curveball by bouncing it off walls, corners and preferably jumping while producing a flash to prevent blinding your teammates.

Whether you’re attacking or defending the spike site, following one curveball flash with another can further provide you with an added element of surprise and discombobulation to your enemies. Additionally, sticking to walls and corners for positioning will be ideally better for flashing a site.


Ex-Counter Strike players who moved to play Valorant recently will adore the Flash/Drive agent ability of KAY/O, which follows a similar mechanism as throwing a flash grenade.

Besides obviously notifying your team about using it, flashing the sky will work for you in most scenarios, especially in bigger maps or flash the ground. The same is true whether you’re playing a spike site re-take or pushing to one.


The Blindside Your ability is best for clutch situations and for both pushing or holding a site as it always bounces off walls or ground before inducing the effect. You might have to practice your angles with this agent, but it will be worth it.

Flash tips for valorant agents

With the package of Yoru abilities, it’s currently a useful agent in nearly all of the seven maps, namely Breeze, Haven, Ascent, Icebox, Bind, Fracture, and Split.


Valorant Skye agent can be considered gifted equally as the Sage to heal other agents, but what’s additionally impressive is her Guiding Light ability. It will equip a hawk that can fly, whose flight you can navigate using your crosshair.

The Guiding light can traverse a significant distance when used correctly, so practice this ability as it can be mighty useful for maps like Bind, Split, and Breeze.

Furthermore, this ability also works to gain information by hearing a ‘blinded’ voice command each time one or more players are blinded by the lights.


The Leer ability of Reyna is an ethereal destructible eye that can pass through walls and obstacles and blinds players from seeing anything other than the eye itself. It’s not a flash but can be used best when released at a higher altitude or ground level as it causes players to readjust their aim.

Since it’s destructible, players are often impulsive to shoot it away, which can be a grave mistake and easily avoided by instead taking cover to directly prevent looking at the eye. Using the Leer ability a second time can double your chances of scoring a kill, only if you remain unpredictable in using it.


The shadow projectile sent via using Paranoia ability by Omen is excellent for pushing sites or defending tight corners. It dazes players to lose their line of sight over long distances on any map and effectively blinding more than one player, as long as they’re enveloped in it.

It can be easily avoided by listening attentively and never grouping in immediate proximity with your teammates. Though its scope of use is narrow, it works well as any blinding flash if you place it right.

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Final Words

To wrap this guide up, follow the key flash tips for valorant agents to flashing and use the valorant practice game mode to hone your abilities to use the flash more effectively. Don’t forget to communicate with your team, or things might get toxic in the comms unnecessarily. GLHF!

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