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Breeze Valorant Map & Comparison: Breeze vs. Haven

The 1st anniversary of Valorant has brought numerous tweaks, updates, in-game features, rewards, and more to the community of valorant players across the globe. The game that gathered an unrealistic amount of buzz prior to its launch is, to date, maintaining its commitment to offer new content and exciting events, including the Breeze Valorant Map!

From the initially available eight agents at the time of its release to the currently playable sixteen agents, the game of valorant has indeed come a long way. The recent update of Episode 3 Act 1 supersedes the Episode 2 Act 3, in which a new map was released for all the valorant players globally called Breeze.

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This map is unlike any other existing map in the game regarding raw metrics and several other distinguishing features besides sharing a few significant similarities, i.e., multiple spike planting sites, etc. Let’s look into this map and how it fares against another popular map, namely the Haven.

New Valorant Map: Breeze

First, let’s discover the new Valorant Map Breeze before directly pitting it against the famed map Haven.

Valorant Breeze Map

After introducing the Icebox map, which generated mixed reactions from the valorant player community and the valorant competitive players, the new map is, in truth, a Breeze. The map offers a tropical environment located in the middle of an ocean with an assortment of visual backdrops and solid structures like historic ruins, seaside caves, stranded ship-built-island foundations, and the washed garbage objects ashore.

Over-the-top aesthetics aside, Breeze is recorded as the largest valorant map ever and offers both the attackers and defenders plenty of vantage points, especially for Operator slinging marksmen due to the map having several long alleyways and paths connecting to the respective entry and exit points in the map.

Visiting Breeze

Let’s briefly delve into the nitty-gritty details of the map. Starting off, the map offers you two plant sites and a broader mid-area that connects to six locations on the map. Contesting this area between the two teams will become essential if they want map control, especially when playing as defenders.

The map provides ample space to nearly nullify the possibilities of frequent close-quarter combats except for a few locations. These aren’t all too shielded from the long vantage points that an Operator carrying player can use to tag enemies quicker than you can dash with a sheriff or a shorty.

Breeze Valorant Map

A major portion of the outcome of the rounds will rely on teams effectively evading the crosshairs of sniper rifles. It is possible by using the respective abilities available with agents such as Viper, Omen, Brimstone, Astra, etc. These agents can visually dissect a portion of the map or isolate it from various vantage points to temporarily offer safer movement.

Spike Sites

The A site makes up one of the most complicated sites to defend, considering the two pyramids in the center surrounded by an open area with at least 3 basic entry points and several unusual angles. All those angles will be challenging to cover, even with all 5 players defending the site after the spike plant.

Site B, in contrast, is built differently, quite literally. Opposite and away from the partially modern yet aged site A landscape, players stand on ruins of a location with fewer boxes to offer cover against enemy fire except for a few stones and one giant stone pillar in the center.

Evidently, gun combat on both maps will primarily be of the long-range or mid-long-range type. It translates into agents whose abilities are helpful in closer combats are comparatively less useful. Additionally, begin sharpening your aim to improve your chance for winning on this map as Vandal, Marshal, and Operators will rule the buyouts. Not heavy guns or the much-abused Judge.

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Recommended Valorant Agents for Breeze

Tier S

  • Astra
  • Viper
  • Skye
  • Sova
  • Yoru
  • Jett

Tier A

  • Omen
  • Breach
  • Raze
  • Sage
  • Cypher
  • Reyna

Tier B

  • KAY/O
  • Phoenix
  • Killjoy
  • Brimstone

Note: These agent recommendations are based on the author’s personal views and experience and should not be considered an official recommendation provided by either the developers or famous personalities like Shroud, TenZ, Hiko, Scream, etc.

Comparing Valorant Maps: Breeze vs Haven.

Map Topography

Haven is aptly named due to offering a higher ground on its plant site A, which also ties in with the fact that Jett’s updraft ability can easily allow her to land on rooftops to tag enemies before recognizing what hit them. In some measures and for some locations only, it is also possible for the valorant agent Sage to do the same using her Barrier orb.

Apart from this, Haven is one of the biggest of the six maps in the game, and it offers mixed types of combat grounds to both teams. It is possible to have both long-range and mid to short-range combats on Haven. The opposite is true for Breeze, which offers long-range combat scenarios by a greater margin compared to its few mid-long range and fewer short-range combat situations.

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Attackers vs Defenders Scenarios

The Haven valorant map is unique. It offers three different spike plant sites for the defenders to guard against the attackers, namely A, B, and C. It provides more rotation possibilities for both the teams and a smaller middle ground (Mid-Courtyard) that closely links the plant site B with Mid-window near the player spawn. Ultimately, a gun like Judge and Sheriff can do plenty of damage to both teams on Haven.

For Breeze, both teams will have to suffer a difficult learning curve to master the map or familiarize themselves with it. The numerous vantage points and angles across the mid area and the spike plant sites will become a pickle to invade or exit.

Neither of the maps increasingly favors defenders or attackers, unlike Split that heavily sides with Defenders.

Meta Agents

The Meta Agents of Haven might not portray a similar effect in Breeze due to the vastness of the latter map and vice versa. Furthermore, the changes in the agent’s abilities made by developers to balance out all the agents will add up to some surprising yet beneficial scenarios apart from being the driving force behind the change of Meta for the respective Maps.

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However, when picking agents that can better handle both maps, our pick is as follows:

  • Astra
  • Skye
  • Viper
  • Jett
  • Sova
  • Yoru

The Verdict

The Breeze Valorant Map map compares nearly identically with the Icebox Valorant map in terms of complexities in holding a spike site. In contrast, the Haven map is less relaxed, with numerous close-quarter calls on each bend.

Valorant Competitive players who seek a better challenge will surely admire the Breeze map. In contrast, the Haven map is one of the most familiar and popular maps since it was launched during the game’s initial release. Still, If you’re a beginner, playing either of the maps should be a complete learning experience for you. Else Breeze wins in terms of offering more challenging gameplay.

Note: The upcoming Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 will include the Breeze Map in its tournament matches which are still possible for teams to ban when choosing the three maps for all the Best of Three Matches.

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