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Best Controller Valorant Agents & How to Counter Them!

Playing Valorant for the sake of it can be fun, especially with friends that can manage the role of Duelists. But, when your ranked games MMR continues to decline rapidly, turning to Best Controller Valorant Agents can save you. Additionally, learning to counter them can also aid you in bringing your team and Valorant Rank back from ELO Hell!

What Are Valorant Controller Agents?

Valorant is an agent-based tactical FPS shooter where Attackers and Defenders combat each other in a 5v5 gameplay. Securing asymmetric win conditions for either side to kill all enemies and successfully detonate or diffuse spike can get challenging. Here’s where the Valorant Agent Abilities play a key role in the gameplay.

Based on the abilities kits of all the Valorant Agents, they are classified into four classes, namely Duelists, Initiators, Sentinels, and Controllers.

The function of Valorant Controllers is to help allies acquire territories by cutting enemy vision, acquiring map control, or forcing enemy stack into locked positions. The abilities of the Best Valorant Controller Agent allow them to perform these duties in one or many forms. They can orchestrate it all while being away from all the combat action should they choose so.

Best Controller Valorant

Why Every 5-Stack Should Have One Valorant Controller Agent?

Having a Controller Valorant agent in your 5v5 team pick is essential to limit the mobility or intel gathering abilities of enemies.

A Controller does more than just clear up a path or area. They help to control the game outcome by managing territories to assist Duelists and Initiators. In difficult situations like post-plant or late spike plant, a controller can help to turn the tables on the enemies.

At the same time, playing Valorant Controller Main Agents should remember to beware of lurk, no matter the Valorant Map. The Controllers who play from a distance can get picked apart easily because they’re managing their abilities across the map with certain immersion.

So, let’s look at the best Valorant Agent Controllers pick after the newest Valorant Patch 4.05!

Best Controller Valorant Agents Ranked After 4.05 Patch Notes

The ever-changing Valorant Meta keeps the game interesting and fun, which is again true with the newest Valorant patch. Only in the 4.04 Valorant patch did the developers nerf multiple Controllers, and yet the 4.05 patch nerfs one of the two buffed Valorant agents.

1.Omen Valorant Agent

Seeing Omen Become the Best Valorant Controller Agent may be shocking to some because he’s had the lowest pick rate. Since the arrival of Astra Valorant Agent, fewer players have been picking Omen, because her abilities offer more applications. However, all of it was changed with the Valorant Patch Notes 4.04.

Presently, Omen is favorable for players who like aggressive plays or like to push for map intel and kills. His abilities’ usage may demand a higher skill ceiling compared to playing other controllers but he can solo clutch 1v5 scenarios.

The Shrouded Step (C) allows him to appear out of nowhere from proximity, which also lets him secure uncommon angles. He can take a higher altitude which is otherwise not possible for most other Valorant players using the Jump key.

Similarly, Omen Ultimate Ability – From The Shadows (X) lets him teleport to any map location of his choice within seconds. It can also be used partially with the skill to gather intel by canceling the teleport. The Paranoia (Q) and Omen Signature Ability Dark Cover (E) assist him in blocking enemies’ line of sight.

Using them all, Omen could be the danger you figuratively never saw coming to strike you out at your weakest.

Best Controller Valorant

2. Viper Valorant Agent

Viper became an essential part of the Breeze Map, where failing to pick her meant losing the map in 90% of scenarios. The buffs she obtained during EP 3 helped improve her pick rate but made teams depend on her greatly. Resultantly, the Valorant Patch 4.04 changes it, so teams can harness other Valorant Agent picks.

Still, she’s a lethal enemy on any Valorant Map due to her abilities. The Viper’s Snake Bite (C) can put a full stop to enemies approaching a spike site or map area. Aiding it is her Poison Cloud (Q) that she can detonate remotely to limit LOS and simultaneously temporarily weaken enemies that may enter or pass through it.

The Toxic Screen (E) makes matters more complex because she can use it to separate half the map into two regions. It can be incredibly useful for limiting enemies into a corner in combination with Viper Ultimate Ability – Viper’s Pit (X). With all these abilities at her disposal, she can single-handedly carry the team or protect them as per whatever the situation demands.

Best Controller Valorant

3. Brimstone Valorant Agent

Brimstone became the Best Valorant Controller Agent after the recent Valorant Patch Update 4.04. However, his Stim Beacon Gravity Well (C) ability has received a fresh Nerf in 4.05 Valorant Patch. The total stim charges he can buy or carry are decreased to 1, with its cost increased to 200 Valorant Match credits.

Such changes slightly weaken his abilities to push a map site, yet he is one of the heavy hitters among controllers. By gaining a larger screen on his arm, he can access more corners to place improved Sky Smokes (E). Such a practice can prevent enemies from seeing what’s happening in a Site area or prevent them from rushing into it.

Lastly, Brimstone Ultimate Ability – Orbital Strike (X) can summon a lightning strike from above that he can use to eliminate any threat that may be lurking in corners or closer proximity. By making use of all these abilities collectively, Brimstone can help allies in post-plant or spike push situations.

Brimstone is also an ideal agent for acquiring Valorant Mid control on maps like Ascent, Breeze, and Split.

Best Controller Valorant

4.Astra Valorant Agent

The highest pick rate among controllers was enjoyed by Astra until the 4.04 patch which limited her abilities to an extent. Presently, she can only possess up to 4 Nebulae stars compared to possessing up to 5 until Valorant Patch 4.03.

Despite the Astra Valorant Nerf, her position in a team can be essential to control enemy map rotation. She can isolate enemy players using Astra Ultimate Ability – Cosmic Divide (X) which prevents agents from hearing or viewing anything from the other side of the veil.

Her Gravity Well (C) and Nova Pulse (Q) can together help to slow enemies as well as dismantle some Valorant Agent Utilities like the Killjoy Turret. Using both in combination works to assist her team in taking down all the enemies at once should they be caught in these abilities.

VCT events being held globally on the national levels still sees Astra’s picks, mainly because of everything she can accomplish without moving a step. But, the recent nerf did see a decline in her pick rate where Viper was instead chosen to play the better Valorant Controller role.

Best Controller Valorant

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Tips to Counter Best Controller Valorant Agents!

Nobody in Valorant is infallible, not even Controllers who are well versed in controlling the Map from behind the scenes. Despite the efforts of their allies in protecting them, you can pluck away the controllers on the enemy team using the tips stated below.

1. Post Plant Situations

Ideally, when you’re Defenders and attempting to diffuse the spike, the Best Controller Valorant Agent may as well be on another location. Hence, it’s wise to clear your angles and be prepared for smokes or stun abilities to be enacted on the corner you might take.

Taking out Controllers in such situations is comparatively easier when your allies are pushing the spike site with you. Engaging in 2v1 combats here can help you gain the upper hand in trading kills.

2. Initial Map Stage

The Controllers will stay back, no matter what to organize the premise for pushing or approaching a site when they’re on the Attackers’ side. Likewise, the defender Controllers will already be in a secure location near the spike site.

A key takeaway for such situations is to first take out the Controller with the duo peeking or approaching such an area in pairs. For instance, on Icebox, an Initiator will be near yellow whereas the Controller will be in the Kitchen. Such placement helps the controller manage both sites with equidistance.

Therefore, taking out the enemy controller first can help you secure your win chances better than engaging in combat with Duelists.

3. Fake or Real Map Rotations

In both the scenarios of Map Rotations, consider the Controller to remain stationed on either Spike site. Usually, they’re accompanied by an Initiator or a Sentinel, but Controllers effectively tend to inhabit the mid-area of any map.

The same can be untrue when the opposite team has two sentinels and one Controller. In such cases, the controller is likely accompanied by a Duelist for their protection and to offer the Duelist their support.

Hence, after one or two rounds, determine the chances of the Best Valorant Controller Agent being stationed on either spike site. Hit the spike site with one Sentinel and Initiator Valorant Agent in such scenarios, It will be more rewarding than trying your luck with a Duelist that has a Controller Valorant Agent support.

4. Multiple Flanks

The best way to remedy nosy Valorant Controller Agent problems is by playing two flanks. Suppose you’d hit the A spike site on Haven. Here, having a flank enter the garage and another from B towards A ensures that you can win one combat.

Additionally, when both flanks may survive, picking Haven defender becomes easy, as well as countering the opposing team flank coming from A-Main.

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The Takeaway

Several more strategies can be observed when you have one of the Best Controller Valorant Agents on the opposite team. In the case when they don’t, protecting your Controller Valorant Agent ally can help you prevent the game from arriving on Clutch situations, which are always a gamble. So be sure to try these tactics, Happy Gaming!

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